Tennis Betting Tips – How To Improve Your Odds

Tennis – the white sport – ranges among the favorites when it comes to placing a bet. It goes without saying that tennis is a game in which a lot of money is invested. Certain tournaments are more preferred than others and the value of the prize goes up each time. The interest in this sport is kept up by the new stars emerging and causing quite a stir one might say… overnight. Tennis is never boring… not to play it nor to bet on it. The excitement – from the point of view of the player or the bettor – is the same.

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As in all the other sports, placing successful tennis bets involves first of all a bit of knowledge in the field, and not going blind, trying to make a lucky guess at the winner. You must know the rules of the game, you have to know the tennis bets odds before getting into online tennis betting. The tennis bets market is quite extensive, so it may become a bit confusing when trying to place a bet. But if you are a bit informed, finding the right way is not going to be that hard.

The matchup in each tournament will result in favorites for both singles (matches are played one versus one) and doubles (where players pay two versus two), for both men and women. The odds are calculated according to the ranking from the ATP and the WTA. Before you place your bet, you should take a look at different bookmakers and see what odds they offer. The same favorite, for instance, may have different odds with two different bookmakers, so analyze and see what you think.

When it comes to live tennis bets, you should bear in mind that any shift of the course of action may occur, and things can end up differently from what they appeared in the beginning of the match. Or not. You need to take into consideration the court, the players, the game they play. All these lead to an informed tennis bet which could bring you quite an income.

There are also different types of online tennis bets that you can place: there is the short term tennis bet which means that you can bet on the winning player, and you win too, or you can bet on the losing tennis player, the same will happen to you. You can place a bet on the handicap, which is in its turn game or set handicap, the over and under totals or you can place an online tennis bet on the set winner. Log term tennis betting involves outright betting, which means that you should place your bet before the tournament begins, because if you place a bet during the tournament, odds have the tendency to change. You can bet on a player reaching the quarterfinals, the semifinals or the finals or on a certain player to win the tournament. And then there is in-play betting which means that you bet on live tennis, as matches take place, and bet on winners of a set, match or game, or even a tiebreak.

Bearing these in mind, you can take your pick now and, not before doing your own little research, decide what to place your bet on.


Can anyone place a tennis bet?

Absolutely. But not anyone can win. You should try to find out a few things about the game and check out the tennis players and then check out odds and predictions. If you have been around the field for a while, you can make your own predictions. In the end, you will see that you will have an eye for the game and at the same time, on your winning.

Is it safe to place an online tennis bet?

It is safe to place an online tennis bet, but it wouldn’t hurt to take a look around first. Around the other bettors to see what they are saying, around some other sportsbooks to see how much odds differ from the ones you initially found.

Is it better to place a live tennis bet or to place the bet before the beginning of the match/tournament?

It depends on the excitement you find in it and the risk you like to take. Either way, odds may change and in this respect, live tennis can offer leverage, because you see what happens and make a quick prediction based on what you see live. So it’s all up to you.