tennis bet online rules

Tennis is the second most popular betting sport. The interest in this sport is easy to explain: competitions of various levels and formats are held all year round without interruption; there can be no draw, only two main outcomes; it is always easier to evaluate the fitness and study the statistics of one or two athletes than the whole team. But at the same time, there are certain tennis bet online rules and you need to know them. The conditions for making a bet are the same at almost all the sportsbooks, the differences can only relate to insignificant details.

Do I need a tennis betting system?

It is quite difficult to take advantage of the tennis betting markets. As such, a tennis betting system or strategy is essential to maximize your chances of winning. Whatever you do, you have to remember the golden rule if you want to bet on tennis – only bet if there is value in the tennis odds!

Tennis bets that have value in their odds are the matches where you think the outcome is more likely than what the sportsbooks’ odds suggest.

Brief Tennis Rules

First, we will present briefly the tennis rules so you can better understand the specifics of tennis betting.

  • in a match, either two athletes compete against each other, or four participants compete two against two;
  • the match consists of three or five sets, the winner is the athlete who won two or three sets, respectively;
  • a set consists of 6 games; the player who wins the most games wins the set;
  • in a game, points are calculated according to the principle: “15-30-40-victory”, that is, you need to win four serves to win;
  • the participants take turns serving the ball in each game;
  • to win a game or set, a gap of two points is required, otherwise, additional rounds are played.

There are men’s and women’s tennis, but the tennis bet rules are always the same.

In tennis, there are clear rules for the duration of the game. It can go on for half an hour, or several days in a row until the winner is determined.

Main Outcomes

As already mentioned, there are no draws in a tennis match; only one of the athletes can win. At the sportsbooks, the bet is accepted as W1 and W2. This is the most attractive market for bettors, especially for beginners, since it is simply impossible to get confused by the conditions.

In addition to betting on the whole match, you can bet one of the participants to win in a separate game and set. Or you can use a more complex betting scheme – set/match. Thus, the bet is placed on the fact that one of the tennis players will prevail in the first set and will also win the entire match. Another option is that a certain athlete will win the first round but a different player will win the game.

What Does It Mean When a Tennis Bet Stands – Cancellations And Rescheduling Of Matches  

Unlike other sports, tennis matches are postponed much more often. This is due primarily to weather conditions: torrential rains, snowfall, unbearable heat – factors that interfere with the match. Or, unless one of the games is over, the other will not start, because there is no specified schedule here.

According to the sportsbooks’ rules, the postponed competitions are not a reason to cancel customer bets. All the bets will stand until the event takes place. Whether it’s for hours or even days. Bets will be refunded only if the scheduled match is officially canceled.

The competition can be canceled for several reasons: a tennis player’s refusal to play, his disqualification, bad weather conditions for a long time, etc. In any case, if the event did not take place, all bets are refunded.

Important. Some sportsbooks, if the game is postponed for more than three days, allow you to cancel the bet. However, you can leave it active at your discretion.

What Happens with Tennis Bet When a Player Stops – Player Disqualification

If a tennis player is banned from playing for a certain time, for example, in the next two competitions, then all the bets on him are canceled. This includes his upcoming matches and tournament victories.

If the disqualification affected only one match, then all the bets on it will be canceled, and the funds will be returned to users.

If an athlete is prohibited from participating in only one tournament, then all the bets on it are canceled, including those that were made for the athlete’s victory in general.

If a participant is suspended right during the match, then all the bets on the main outcomes are considered void. But those events that have already taken place during the game (winning one of the sets, serving, in a game) are calculated as usual, without adjusting the odds.

In any case, first, you need to wait for the decision of the special commission, only after that, the bets are settled with odds 1. For example, a tennis player was disqualified, but after a second hearing, he was acquitted. In such situations, if the bet was not canceled in time, it remains in the game on a general basis.

Rules For Accepting Total Bets

The total betting market has always been popular among bettors. In tennis, this outcome is also important, and a large number of people are betting on it. A bet can be made on how many sets will be played in the whole match. Usually, the value here is always over/under 2.5 for 3-set duels. For five-set competitions, totals are 2.5, 3.5 and 4.5 (over/under).

Bets are accepted on the number of games in the match and each set. In the first case, the average value of the total is given 19.5, in the second – 9.5, if the opponents are equal. When a clear outsider plays against a strong opponent, the numbers are completely different. You can also bet on the individual total of each participant in the competition.

The rules for accepting bets on total sets and games are standard, there is usually no confusion. You just need to remember about the tennis player’s possible refusal to continue the fight. In this case, the bets are calculated with odds of 1 if they were issued for the entire match. The bets on the totals of individual sets are considered to have been played if they were completed.

For instance, if you bet that there will be more than 9.5 games in the first set, and in the second less and the first round ended with a score of 6: 4, this means that the bet is played. The second round was canceled due to the tennis player’s refusal, therefore, the second bet is calculated with odds of 1.

If the athlete refuses to play in the first set, then all the bets on total are canceled, and a refund is made on them.


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