Women’s professional tennis is back.

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With much of the sports world on pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. Women’s Pro Tennis Series Tournament is here to provide a necessary distraction and the thrill of sports victory.

The summer-long series takes place at the Saddlebrook Resort in Tampa, Fla, with matches available for live stream and live betting on at BetRivers.com.

The 2020 US Women’s Pro Tennis Series schedule begins in May and ends in September, with several of the top 350 women’s professional tennis players, like three-time U.S. Open quarterfinalist Jovana Jovic and Mari Osaka, the older sister of WTA superstar Naomi Osaka, battling it out for the daily championship.

U.S. Women’s Pro Tennis Series

When: Daily, from May 4 to September 18, 2020
Where: Saddlebrook Resort. Tampa, Fla.
Live Stream: Click here to stream the U.S. Women’s Pro Tennis Series
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U.S. Women’s Pro Tennis Series: Notable Players

  • Fracesca DiLorenzo (No. 128)
  • Sachia Vickery (No. 158)
  • Varvara Lepchenko (No. 179)
  • Renata Zarazua (No. 189)
  • Jovana Jovic (No. 222)
  • Gabriella Talaba (No. 227)
  • Hailey Baptiste (No. 234)
  • Seone Mendez (No. 272)
  • Jamie Loeb (No. 278)
  • Katerina Stewart (No. 281)
  • Mari Osaka (No. 326)

U.S. Women’s Pro Tennis Series: Format

  • 8 players per day, 8 matches per day.
  • Each player plays in 2 matches per day, for a total of 8 matches per day.
  • Two-out-of-three sets, sets up to 6 games, ad scoring.
  • Match tie-breaker (up to 10 points) for the 3rd set.
  • Matches will take place over 1-2 courts.
  • Rest time will be staggered throughout the day, at least 30 minutes for each player after their match.
  • Prize money awarded per match win, and to the champion of the day.
  • The player who wins the most matches per day, will be the champion.
  • If there is a tie, then the player who lost the least amount of games is the winner.