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For a long time, sports betting has attracted a lot of sports lovers who try to guess the results of football matches in the hope of winning money. If you are an amateur, you will need to decide first on which sport you want to bet. But what is the best sport to bet on in 2020?

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Is Football the Best Sport to Bet on?

Football is, of course, the most popular sport to bet on and win. This is not a surprise, because we know that football is one of the most famous sports in the US. The advantages of betting on football are numerous. Indeed, many sportsbooks offer you the possibility to bet on the most famous football leagues, but there are still fewer known leagues that are offered. Some types of bets are the bet on the correct result, on the number of goals in the match and on invalid wins, etc. However, the problem with football is that the match can end in three possibilities, i.e. the victory of the team playing either at home or away, or there is a draw. But thanks to the good knowledge of certain leagues, you can achieve a profit.

Is Tennis the Best Sport to Bet on?

Besides football, tennis is also one of the best sports to bet on and make money. During the year there are many tournaments to play, just like “men’s singles” tennis, “women’s singles” tennis or doubles tennis. This offers you many possibilities to find interesting couples to bet. However, tennis has a huge advantage over football, i.e. in tennis, there are only two possibilities to declare the end, either by the victory of one player or by the victory of the other. We can conclude that you have a 50% chance of guessing the result. It is noteworthy that we must pay attention to a fact. During the tennis match, one of the tennis players could be injured and is forced to abandon the match.

Unfortunately, the sportsbooks do not have the same rules regarding the abandonment of the match. In this case, some will determine the odds at 1.00, which means that if you only bet on this match, your money will be returned. It should be noted that there is the possibility that even if the match is abandoned, you would win by guessing all the results of the other matches, as this is determined by odds of 1.00, i.e. this bet is not counted. Some betting offices treat the abandonment of the match as if it has been played until the end. Respectively, if the tennis player abandons the match, he will be considered as a loser. If you bet on the tennis player who abandoned the match, you automatically lose the bet.

Football and tennis aren’t the only best sports you can bet on and win. It is also possible to bet on hockey, handball, volleyball, and many other sports. However, most bettors know everything about football and tennis, because both sports are the ideal choices that amateurs can bet on.

Is Basketball the Best Sport to Bet on?

Basketball is one of the top sports to bet on in the world. Millions of people all over the world enjoy watching this sport in different leagues and tournaments year by year.

For this basketball belongs to sports on which we bet most often. Besides, the sportsbooks offer many types of sports betting.

The most famous league in the world is the National Basketball Association (NBA) in the United States. The NBA was created in 1946 with eleven teams. For 60 years the league has grown to thirty teams throughout North America and brings together talents not only from America, but also from Europe, Asia, and South America.

Each NBA team plays 82 games in a regular season, specifically 41 home games and 41 away games. This high number of games per season, which lasts seven months, offers us many possibilities to find profitable opportunities to bet because the games take place every day. If the NBA does not provide enough opportunities, then there is the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) where thousands of games are played, on average tens per night.

Is Baseball the Best Sport to Bet on?

An ultra-American sport, baseball offers some of the best sports odds to bet on as long as the analysis of the match on which you wish to bet is sufficiently coherent. It is also a sport where the favorites do not always win and it will be necessary to focus on the qualities of the various launchers, the racing power of the teams, the weather, and, of course, the prize list of the group that you want to support. In MLB, all the teams are equal despite the existence of favorites, as in any sport. It is a sport where individuals can change the course of an encounter, which is why it is essential to be well documented before betting.


Hockey is a sport that is rather difficult to bet on. On the other hand, it is a very representative sport on the betting sites! Indeed, you will be able to bet on it as you see fit. In addition to being able to bet on the NHL, sports betting sites also allow you to bet on the AHL and other matches taking place in many countries such as Sweden, Finland, Norway, Russia. So, know how to take full advantage of it!


Electronic sports or E-Sports are the new trends on sports betting sites. Indeed, this sport born in the 90s is revolutionizing the world of video game enthusiasts and online betting. E-Sport competitions are now broadcast to millions of Internet users via streaming platforms.


MMA or mixed martial arts is a booming sport. Indeed, millions of fans today follow the performances of the UFC, Bellator, and One FC fighters. This sport that appeared in the early 90s is revolutionizing the world of combat sports. US sports betting sites now offer dozens of bets on each MMA match.


Admittedly, cricket is not necessarily the most popular sport in the USA and remains especially widespread in the member countries of the Commonwealth. However, this discipline is of real interest to bettors, especially because of the many opportunities to be seized on each event. It must be said that cricket is quite simple to analyze given its tactical side, which represents a boon for experienced bettors.

Have you chosen your favorite sport to bet on?