Motorsports Betting – Latest News and Guides

There is nothing in the world compared to watching a race, perhaps only being in a race, and better yet, winning on a race! Of course, if you are a fan of motorsports betting, then you know that there is nothing like the thrill of seeing your favorite racer win, especially when you’re going to bank some cash as a result.

To help you make the best wagers, in our motorsports betting section we are covering the latest news related to motorsports, but also, a lot of tips, guides, and tricks. This way, the next time you are going to bet on a race, you can be sure that you’ll have the best chances of winning.

With BetRivers it’s easy to bet on all of your motorsports events. No matter if you are an experienced or advanced bettor, it’s easy to use our betting platform.  But, to make the best use of if you need to know a few basics of the betting systems used in motorsports

Motorsports Betting Basics

There are a couple of motorsports that you can bet on. Let us talk about the most popular ones a bit more.


This is an event managed by the American auto racing company, and sock cars are used in it. While traditionally, NASCAR is an event that takes place in America, right now you can bet on races that are taking place in Canada, Mexico, Australia and Japan. With a long history, this event is very popular, and hence it is broadcast in over 150 countries worldwide. So, no matter where you are you will be able to see the race that you put a bet on.

Formula One:

F1 motorsports betting is highly popular. Since it’s one of the most important competition, it’s easy to bet on it, and also, win! Highly popular all around the globe, it’s easy to catch it on your phone or tablet too. Which means that you can easily know on what to win based on real-time data!


The fans of the beautiful races that take place on two wheels, which are so powerful that they are not street legal, know that there is no better feeling than betting and winning when your favorite racer or team wins. With BetRivers you can bet on all three classes, MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3.

Motorsports Betting Tips

  1. Check out the odds first

Before betting on any motorsport event, you need to have a look at the odds. No matter if you want to bet on your favorite racer, the odds might not be on his side that day. So,  remember to always check the odds!

  1. Know your history

To truly take advantage and win big, you need to know about the history of the driver or of the team. Some drivers are stunningly fast on some tracks, and not so much on others. Or some are considerably worse in the wet! Knowing a bit about how a team or racer performs under specific conditions can truly increase your chances of winning a lot of money on a race.

  1. Know the tracks

Another tip that you need to know is that the tracks have different difficulties, and knowing the tracks, how they are in the time of the year that the race takes place, and how the driver is on that track, can greatly increase your odds!

Want to know more about motorsports betting? Read our guides and article below and you will become a master in the shortest amount of time!