live sports betting this summer

The economic impact of the COVID-19 on the sports betting industries is immense. Unfortunately, people across the globe can no longer visit physical casinos for them to make bets on their favorite sports games. Lots of sportsbooks have been forced to close down due to the spread of the coronavirus. If you have been engaging in live sports betting, you may not have the chance to participate this summer since most of the games have been postponed to future dates.

As the situation keeps on getting worse in most states, the sports betting industry continues to make changes to the sporting schedules. You should be aware of the high profile sporting events that have been canceled this summer. Some of them include the following.


Following the increased cases of the pandemic, UEFA announced that the European championships had been moved to the next summer in 2021. Major football events in other regions such as the UK, Germany, French, and Spanish have also be postponed to an unknown date. This means that you will not be able to place any live bets on most of the football matches this summer.


The famous PGA tour that attracts millions of golf lovers to betting on this sports game was also canceled due to COVID-19. Though you cannot play live bets in support of your favorite player during this period, you should consider engaging in virtual sports betting.


Events such as the Athletics indoor championship, which takes place during the summer, have been pushed to 2021. The Tokyo Olympics also had to be moved until further notice.

Though the sports industry has been generating millions in terms of revenue for years, the shutdown continues to affect this industry negatively. Gamers who like live betting are now forced to look for other alternatives online. People who are addicted to live sports betting reveal that surviving without live games is hard during this period. The coronavirus has made it impossible for players to engage in different sports activities as the nation encourages everyone to stay indoors. Such measures have been taken to minimize the spread of the disease.

Most of the people who were used to live sports betting are encouraged to try out games such as regular casino games online. Others are also finding the lottery and online poker great alternatives for live sports games. Experts believe that such games can still keep people busy during the summer and prevent them from overstressing until the storm passes. You must try out the gambling games available while staying indoors to distract yourself from the horrible news of this pandemic. Though the games available may not be as thrilling as the live sports, they can still keep you entertained. You can even make some cash from gambling online on such games.

If you like to bet on sports you can still do it. Online sports betting at the BetRivers Sportsbook in Pennsylvania is available 24/7. Although live betting is compromised you can try to bet on futures of different sports and games, from all over the world. You have to document yourself if you are not familiar with the sport or game but the changes of earning money are high especially if you already have a betting strategy.