online sports betting

A little thought on your own identity as a bettor is necessary to choose what sport you should bet on. You will see that there is no such thing as the ultimate sport in online sports betting, but winning prospects and betting tactics that change depending on the sport and competition. We will therefore help you find your ideal sport. The best sport for betting? The one that will allow you to better bet on sports and manifest the winner in you!

Fans of sports betting on the internet speak of it as if it is the Holy Grail: THE sporting discipline, or THE competition that rhymes with bankroll and profit.

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What’s the best sport to bet on? Which sports provide safer gains? What kinds of matches offer higher odds? Which sport will best suit your betting style and your goals? Here is a detailed review of the pros and cons of sports betting by type of sport, and an overview of all the sports that matter in the sports world of bookmakers. One way to help you choose and decide which betting site to choose, in this ultra-competitive universe.

Best sport to bet on: popular or niche sports?

This is a common question that many bettors have already asked themselves. Is it better to bet on a sport known to everyone, including yourself, or on a more specialized discipline that you have the chance or the ambition to master? Both approaches have their advantages that you can take depending on your profile.

3 advantages of betting on popular sports:

  1. Knowledge of the game and the players. This is an essential point to be able to bet effectively. Bet above all on sports you know well. Popular sports like football, tennis or basketball put you in a familiar world. It is enough to establish relevant forecasts on the forces involved and the chances of the players.
  2. Promotions to grab. Popular sports have the highest volumes of sports betting. Thus, in the USA, more than half of the bets are on football. Sportsbooks follow this trend and offer their best welcome offers, bonuses, and boosted odds on major sports. So favor the latter if you like to keep an eye on promotions.
  3. Windfall effects. Many bettors tend to overlook the match analysis and bet on star athletes and best-known teams. This creates betting opportunities with odds relatively higher than the actual risk on underdogs or bottom teams. What a smart bet for those who know their sport inside out!

Betting on niche sports: the knowledge that is worth gold

A sport less popular with the general public has no secrets for you? Then this is the easiest sport to bet on! This gives you an advantage over the majority of other bettors. Be careful though, less popular sports generate a limited variety of bets. It is therefore more difficult to find earning opportunities.

But it is worth the effort when sports such as judo, handball, and boxing temporarily take center stage. On the occasion of the Olympics or a world championship, they attract a crowd of bettors with only a basic knowledge of the players and the matches. These are the perfect conditions to combine a high volume of bets and information to your advantage.

Also, on these second-tier sports, it is easier to beat the bookie. That is to say, to have a finer appreciation of the event than what the odds established by the sportsbook suggest. On secondary disciplines, the sportsbooks have less information, statistics, and analysts to establish their ratings. Less than you maybe, if you follow all the motocross or archery tournaments with a magnifying glass. This allows you to profit from juicy odds on bets that are not appreciated by the sportsbook.

The hardest sport to bet on: uncertain sports

You must have heard of the glorious uncertainty of sport. In sport, the part of the unforeseen exists everywhere, always. But the frequency of surprise results varies from sport to sport. All the same, we cannot conclude what the hardest sport to bet on is, because some sports are more profitable than others. The sportsbooks indeed reflect any part of chance, small or big, at the level of the odds. However, each bettor has his style and preferences. Depending on whether you have a taste for risk or whether you prefer safer bets, certain sports will suit you better than others.

What sports to bet on for safe bets?

These are the sports without the possibility of a draw. This further reduces the statistical possibility of being wrong about the outcome of a match. Examples: tennis, basketball, billiards.

Sports with a strong athletic dimension. Here, the favorite is very often in a strong position on the pitch or on the track, as well as on the scoreboard. Examples: rugby, handball, athletics.

Individual sports. The limited number of athletes simplifies tactical considerations and reduces the impact of group dynamics invisible to bettors. Examples: combat sports, golf.

As you can see, the choice of the sport on which to bet depends on objective criteria, such as the degree of certainty or the volume of bets, and subjective criteria, such as your taste for risk or your way of establishing forecasts. Last but not least, one important area remains to be taken into account: the specific characteristics linked to each sport. Whether in terms of supply and volume of bets or in terms of stakes and winnings, each sport has its strengths and pitfalls.