The NFL Week 9 odds are up at and the weekend provides us some huge spreads, a few narrow favorite picks, and maybe we should trust the Patriots this week.

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Longtime broadcaster and gambling expert David Tuchman is here every week to preview the NFL odds and break down the picks he is thinking about.

Before we dive into the NFL Week 9 odds and Tuck’s picks, click here to read our weekend recap of how Week 8 went.


Ravens (5-2) at Colts (5-2). 1:00 p.m. ET
Moneyline: Ravens -130, Colts +115
Spread: Ravens -2.5
Over/Under: 46.5 points

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As of Tuesday, the Ravens are -2.5. This represents a tremendous amount of value. Yes, Baltimore is struggling as of late. Yes, Lamar Jackson does not resemble the MVP QB we saw in 2019. This, and some recent wins from Indianapolis is why we’re getting the value in this game. 

Philip Rivers is still incredibly turnover prone and hasn’t played well against good defenses the last two seasons. And this is essentially why I’m backing the Ravens this week. I’m still concerned about Lamar Jackson, but I think Baltimore’s defense will give Rivers and that Indy offense all they can handle and more.

Following a tough loss to Pittsburgh, this is a must-win for Baltimore. The Pick: Ravens -2.5.

Giants (1-6) at Washington (2-5). 1:00 p.m. ET
Moneyline: Washington -165, Giants +145
Spread: Washington -3
Over/Under: 42 points

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This will be the third week in a row I bet on a Giants Game. In Week 7, we had them +5 vs Philly. Last week, we took the Buccaneers -10.5 

So, this is the rubber match.

Daniel Jones is infuriatingly inconsistent, but he’s not Ben DiNucci. And let’s be honest, the QB for Washington will only resemble Patrick Mahomes if he wears a Mahomes mask on Halloween. 

Not much to like about either team, but one of them is getting a field goal. This game could very easily go either way, and the line should probably be closer to -1. As long as I can get a field goal or more, I’m taking the points. The Pick: Giants +3.

Seahawks (6-1) at Bills (6-2). 1:00 p.m. ET
Moneyline: Seahawks -152, Bills +133
Spread: Seahawks -3
Over/Under: 54.5 points

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The word elite is thrown about flippantly. One of my biggest pet peeves is when I hear some “expert” talk about how the 14th best QB in the league is elite. We grade on the curve and only the best of the best can be elite. 

That said, Russell Wilson IS ELITE. He’s so good and now he’s got weapons. DK Metcalf is a grown man. With his speed and size and Wilson’s accuracy, touch, and mobility, that duo is nearly unstoppable. Tyler Lockett on the other side is no slouch either and despite continued injuries to their running backs, this Seahawks team and specifically Russell Wilson is underrated. 

They do have issues on defense and I’m always a bit hesitant to take Seattle when they are big favorites, but anytime they are giving less than a Field Goal, I’m intrigued. 

Josh Allen is a dynamic athlete and the Buffalo Bills are winning games in a variety of ways, but Allen still struggles with accuracy and consistency. 

Buffalo is much improved and almost a lock to win the AFC East, but I’ll take the better team on the road. The line is fluctuating between 2.5 and 3. The Pick: Seahawks -2.5

Patriots (2-5) at Jets (0-8). 8:20 p.m. ET (MNF)
Moneyline: Patriots -315, Jets +265
Spread: Patriots -7
Over/Under: 42.5 points

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The Post Brady Era is not off to a stellar start. After starting off the season in fantastic fashion, Cam Newton has been terrible. Bill Belichick in a very un-Belichickian way was candidly making excuses (or pointing out facts) as to why they aren’t very good. 

Regardless of why, New England is a mess. The good news, however, is that they get to play the New York Jets this week. 

The NY Jets are 1-7 ATS, 0-8 overall, haven’t lost by less than eight points, and have been outscored by an average of 18 points per game.  So, while the Patriots are indeed a mess, the Jets are a dumpster fire. 

Adam Gase is still the coach and this NY Jets team may not win a game all season. The Pick: Patriots -7.

Steelers (7-0) at Cowboys (2-6). 4:25 p.m. ET
Moneyline: Steelers -770, Cowboys +600
Spread: Steelers -13.5
Over/Under: 41.5 points

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The Cowboys placed Andy Dalton ,who wasn’t particularly good and was already recovering from a concussion, on the COVID IR list meaning he won’t be playing this week. Ben DiNucci won’t be playing either. Dallas saw enough last week to realize he’s not the answer – I’m not sure if he’s even the question.

Enter Cooper Rush and Garrett Gilbert as one of these will apparently get the start at QB. As I said last week, in today’s game, it’s easier to play QB than ever before, but I’m not sure you want an inexperienced, unheralded QB playing the Steelers. Now, there’s always the chance that Pittsburgh could overlook Dallas, but that’s the thing about playing America’s team. Even when they aren’t very good, teams usually still get amped to play against them.

Dallas’s defense was good enough or let’s be honest, (Philly was bad enough) to keep the game close last week, but Pittsburgh is clicking on all cylinders. This is a mismatch of gargantuan proportions. The Pick: Steelers -13.5. 

And so, to review, here is my TUCK’S TAKE for the NFL Week 9 odds:

  • Ravens -2.5
  • Giants +3
  • Seahawks -2.5
  • Steelers -13.5
  • Patriots -7

Overall: 8-5-1