online slots

The casino slots are more and more popular among players from the US and elsewhere because of their ease of use. However, it is advisable to start playing real money slots on a completely free slot machine, and finally to test the online game and see if it is to your liking.

Once you will get familiar with online casino games you will play them all the time. As mentioned above if you do not have much experience you should start playing free games.

How does a real money slot machine work?

Nothing is easier to use than a real money slot machine; only one button is enough to make ten reels spin to obtain a certain combination that will make you win, or not! It is also the same principle when you play slots, all it takes is a tap to get your winning combination.

Nowadays, the slot machine is different from the classic one of yesteryear! It has a wide range of symbols and games that serve as bonuses. Here is a list of symbols that you will encounter during your game:

  • Paytables: viewable before the game, they include the operating mode of the machine.
  • Paylines: The number of lines of the machines determines your chances of winning.
  • Symbol bonus: the set of symbols that open access to bonus games or even free spins.
  • Cascade roll: these are repeating combinations that will save you a lot of money! Every time you have a winning combination, it will be replaced by another until they are gone!
  • Coins: the total amount you bet on each spin.
  • Expanding Wild: This is an expansion that covers the entire reel by hitting a large number of paylines, which will open the door to creating other combinations.
  • Free Spins: Valid when you get three free spins symbols on the reel.
  • Multiplier: numbers that allow you to multiply your earnings
  • Wild symbols: wild symbols replace all the other symbols and allow you to complete the winning combination!

What are the types of slot machines?

There are different types of real money slot machines from the oldest to the most recent, some of their symbols are different from others by the principle of play and some features.

There are two main categories of slot machines:

Basic slots, this kind of machine has a great advantage for people who prefer not to take risks or have a very limited budget. The advantage of this machine is that it has a fixed jackpot that does not change according to the number of players or the amounts played.

In this group we have three types of machines:

  • Basic slot machines: today, these machines are modern, they always follow the same classic concept of a line with 3 draws, but the symbols are randomly drawn through a computer.
  • Multiplier machines: these machines make it possible to multiply bets on a single game turn and therefore multiply the winnings in the event of victory.
  • Multi-line machines: on these slot machines it is possible to add more lines of games by adding money to unlock them. Adding more lines increases the chances of winning.

Progressive slots: Unlike the basic slot machines, such machines are completely dependent on the number of players and the deposit they make, the bigger the deposit, the bigger the jackpot. This type of machine is very popular in both brick and mortar casinos and online casinos as it adds a hint of competitiveness to the game.

What are free slots?

Free slots are slots that have the same functionality and characteristics as any other real money slot machine.

However, they are accessible in the game without spending a single cent. It is also about being able to play slots online without downloading the game or any other software. Besides, you will play without registration. We will give more details on this following these lines.

The advantages of playing free slots online

Playing with play money on a slot machine will give you many advantages, here are the most important:

An experience similar to real money slots

Following the advancement of technology, free slot machines offer today the same experience as real money slots and you will also have the opportunity to  play slots for free with the same conditions of real money slot machines, with one difference, which is that you will be playing with play money, so you will not have any real wins or real losses either.

Playing a free online slot machine will have no impact on your bankroll.

Learn more about free slots

Playing free slot machines will allow you to know the concept of how they work and their characteristics, before going into real mode. Without playing free slots first, you will embark on a real money adventure in an online casino without knowing at least about its online games, their details, and the lexicon of casino players and slot machines.

In short, the free slot machine will allow you to:

  • Have detailed information about the slot
  • Learn the lexicon of the slot machine (scatter, wild…)
  • Learn how the slot machine works (buttons, lever, etc.)

But still, playing on a free slot machine also means enjoying the following advantages:

Free slots without downloading

Nowadays, most of the slot machines are designed with HTML5 technology, so that you can play them on any browser without interruption, with very good picture quality and without having to download any software.

Free slots without registration

Playing free slot machine games is also playing without having to register, and therefore you will avoid having your mailbox filled with advertising or other mails. But above all, you do not have to give your personal and financial information and coordinates.

Free slots with no deposit

Playing PA online slots for free is without any financial constraints, so you won’t have to make any real money deposits to play free slot machines.

Types of free online slots

The diversity of slot machines has seen a huge leap since its inception, starting with the classic 3-reel slot machine and reaching the progressive slot machine through video and 3D slots. Let’s see what type of slot machine you can play for play money:

Classic slot machines

Classic slot machines, which are also known to be 3-reel slot machines, one-armed bandits, or fruit slots such as the 777 free slot machines, like all classic slot machines, have symbols like BAR, the number 7, and fruits.

Video slots

Video slots have emerged following the technological progress, adding video effects to the game which further differentiates them from classic slot machines.

3D slot machines

The Free 3D Slot Machine is a type of interactive slot where 3D graphics have been used. You will have mini-events after each action or each victory of the game via this type of slot machine.

Mobile slot machines

As the name implies, these are slot machines that you can play on your mobile, with a version suitable for small screens, ideal for mobile players.

In summary, all the different types of existing slot machines are presented in a free version, which is the case even with progressive jackpot slots, but playing the latter for play money is not beneficial. However, you have to play for real money if you want to win the jackpot.