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When playing at the casino, one can sometimes wonder which slots pay the best. Although these real money slots relies entirely on chance, one can find some games that will pay out more winnings than others in the long run. Reand more about them below.

As we tell you quite regularly, it is all about RTP or the payout rate. Read this article for more information on how to identify it.

Why not make a list of the highest paying slots?

We are transparent, and you will even see the list of the latest winners and what games they were playing on our website. If you go to a brick and mortar casino, wait for someone to win a jackpot or mini jackpot, and leave their seat. Wait a minute. No one is going to jump on it except for a few innocent new players. Why? This is the theory of peaks. A slot machine that just spits out a good jackpot of chips is surely not going to give more anytime soon. If you take a look at the latest wins at online casinos and think you have spotted a paying slot machine, there is a good chance that you have not.

Slot machines: the theory of peaks.

An online slot machine that is starting to drop chips has reached a peak level. A casino slot will enter a peak phase randomly, which means that it will give you large sums several times. The trick is to make you believe that you are going to necessarily crack the jackpot and therefore continue to play frantically. The algorithm is set in a redistribution mode and if it starts to redistribute all the sums that all the players have lost on the slot, we can logically think that this will not last long. Actually, if you see a machine that has given its jackpot, stop playing!

You could be told which machine has given the biggest payout, but that does not imply that it will do so again and, therefore, it would be unethical to push you to play it.

Again, we could list the slot machines with the highest payout. But what exactly are the payout percentage (RTP – return to player) and the volatility rate?

RTP or payout rate:

The principle is simple. This payout rate is the average percentage redistributed by the casino over the long term on a slot machine. Thus, each slot machine has its own redistribution rate often between 80% and 85% for land-based casinos and between 92% and 98% for online casinos.

This percentage is usually listed in slot machine reviews. A slot machine that displays a payout rate of 97% will return 97 dollars out of a hundred played!

Attention! This rate is for all players over a so-called “long term” period. This period is a trade secret. You must understand that can play 500 dollars and lose everything. On the other hand, another player or several other players will benefit from it. It’s unfair, but that’s the game… Note that casinos and game software publishers are transparent and you will easily find the payout rate or the RTP.

The volatility rate:

Often confused with the payout rate, the volatility rate represents something else. It is the characteristic of a slot machine related to its tendency to pay often or seldom. “Often” implies that there will be small gains, and “seldom” implies that the gains will be bigger.

Volatility covers three levels: low, average, and high.

A low level of volatility means that the slot often pays small amounts.

An average level of volatility means that the slot often pays average amounts.

A high level of volatility means that it rarely pays large sums.

Volatility is an integral part of the game mechanics. The volatility rate will make you gain strength with small repetitive gains and is also intended for high rollers. They will have the patience to play a long time without any reward even if the new slot machines know how to keep them interested. The small problem is that this rate is not made public by the gaming software developers and online casinos. It is therefore experience that will provide this information. You can, however, find feedback from players on specialized forums.

The highest paying slot machines: jackpots and progressive jackpots

Ranking the highest paying slot machines according to progressive jackpots is pushing you to make a rookie mistake. A progressive jackpot is all about luck, it is like playing a lottery game.

For an article on the top paying slots, we are not giving you a list. It is also a way of alerting you and giving you the keys to fully understanding how an online slot machine works. Read as many slot machines reviews and analyzes as you can, find as much information as possible to help you choose your online slot.

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