video poker

Experienced gamers in online gambling choose video poker over the rest of the casino games. Playing video poker at Betrivers casino can help you enjoy great odds. This game not only comes with transparent odds but also involves the use of skills. Every decision that you make in online video poker can affect the overall outcome of the game. So, what is the best video poker game to play? Read on!

Game King Poker

If you play video poker from time to time, you should consider this game. IGT came up with this poker game to give you different video poker options that you can engage in. Feel free to move from one game to another. Betrivers casino offers this simple video poker game to keep you entertained and give you a chance to implement different strategies at it. As you play this game, you should work hard to come up with the best hands to win in it.

Are you new to such games? If yes, Betrivers casino still gives you a chance to play this free video poker game until you are ready to bet on it with real cash. Game King Poker is based on a straightforward concept. At the beginning of the video poker game, you will receive five cards. You then have to decide which cards you would like to hold on to and which ones you wish to discard. Once you discard some cards, they will be replaced with others.

Once you enter the game, you will be presented with a screen that displays at least nine boxes. All of the boxes represent various video poker formats. Once you click on any of the boxes, you will open a specific video poker game. Betrivers casino also gives you the chance to adjust the speed at which the cards will be dealt as you play this video poker game. The speed option comes with at least three settings. If, for instance, you want to play the games fast, feel free to set the game at three.

You can play games such as jacks or better, bonus poker, bonus poker deluxe, deuces wild poker, joker poker, or double bonus poker in this video poker game. Each of these games has precise rules that you should understand. If you don’t have a lot of experience in them, you should play the games with the most straightforward learning curve, such as Jack or better. Betrivers casino allows you to play Game King Poker even from a mobile device. You can make different amounts from this poker game.

Jacks or Better Double Up

You can also enjoy playing this single-player poker game from Betrivers casino. The game comes from a famous software developer known as Netent. It has the characteristics of a classic game since it has fast gameplay. You can play this video poker game free or for real money. If you choose to bet with real cash on this casino game, you can enjoy high payouts from it. One of the things that many gamers reveal about this video poker game is that it feels more like a computer game instead of a traditional poker game.

The background of this video poker game is colored, and the interface is quite smooth. Like in any other video poker game, you will receive five cards at the beginning of the game. You should try to come up with the best hand so that you can win a good amount from this poker game. Jacks or better double up has different hand versions such as 1, 5, 25, and 10. Betrivers casino gives you the chance to adjust the hands in play per each round. You can easily see the different payouts from the hands displayed. In this game, the royal straight flush can lead to a wager of up 250 times your bet while the jacks or better has a small payout. Feel free to adjust the coin value in play. If you choose bet levels ranging from 1, you will enjoy an RTP of 98%. On the other hand, choosing the 5th bet level can help you enjoy a better RTP rate of 99%.

One of the things that makes this poker game stand out is the availability of the gamble feature. Every time you win Jacks or Better Double Up, consider hitting the gamble feature. This will take you to another section that contains five cards facing down. If you choose to use this unique feature during your gameplay, you have to predict the color of a card accurately. If you do this correctly, you can quickly get double your winnings after each winning hand.

Pick the color of the cards carefully so that you can avoid losing all your winnings as you play video poker. The bonus game goes on until one makes an incorrect guess. In case this happens, you will be taken back to the main game.

If you don’t want to take such chances, feel free to avoid this gamble feature and consider collecting your winnings. Apart from the gamble feature, the animations included in this video poker game make it highly entertaining. Betrivers casino allows you to bet on this video poker game with any amount between $0.10 and $50. Consider playing free video poker at first to learn the right strategy that can help you in this game.


Video poker is a well-known casino game that comes with a low house edge. Betrivers casino gives you a chance to explore different video poker games from any location. You should take your time to compare the games available so that you can choose an ideal one. So, what is the best video poker game to play? Many people at Betrivers casino prefer these two games over the rest since they are quite interesting. Try your luck in either of the video poker games we have discussed above for a more thrilling gaming experience. All the best!