blackjack online casino

Are you into card games and are searching for an ideal one? If yes, you should consider playing blackjack. This is an interesting casino game that has a lot of fans. Betrivers casino gives you the chance to play it differently. While you are still new to the game, you should consider playing free offline blackjack games. Doing this can help you learn the rules and practice the right strategy to use in the game. You can learn how to play this table game in a few minutes through the fun mode.

Betrivers casino gives you the chance to play this game from a mobile device. You don’t necessarily have to be connected to the internet to enjoy this game. If, for instance, you are traveling and are in a weak service area, you can still access the games offline on your cell phone. Betrivers casino, therefore, ensures that you will continue having fun even when you are not near a desktop. Here are some of the offline card games that you should consider playing.

Blackjack surrender

This specific variant comes from a popular software developer known as Playtech. Playing the game for free can help you learn how it differs from the standard game. Blackjack surrender is a six-deck game that has interesting twists. Though it uses the same rules as the standard game, you should find out how it differs. As you play this game for free, you will realize that it has a house edge of only 0.52%. This makes it among the popular variants that can lead to significant payouts in the real money mode.

According to this game’s rules, you are allowed to split pairs, but you cannot resplit after. If the dealer card is an ace, you can take insurance. This game pays 3:2. The main move in this variant is surrender which involves folding your hand in certain instances. You should use this move when you realize that there is no way you can beat the dealer. Once you fold your hand, you will lose half of your bet instead of losing the whole amount. This option can provide better odds in certain instances. It can also help you reduce losses early during your gameplay.

Some inexperienced gamers assume that surrendering is not right while playing this game, but it can actually save you some cash. In this variant, there is an option of late surrender. This means that you can surrender a hand once the dealer confirms that they are not holding the natural. As you play Blackjack surrender from Betrivers casino, you should also beware of the seven card Charlie. This hand comprises seven cards that are equal to the value of 21.

First person blackjack

If you are used to playing such card games, you should consider playing this variant free of charge. This casino game stands out due to its unique user interface. Though the game uses standard rules, it gives you a chance to make side bets and also includes a go-live feature. Betrivers casino gets this variant from Evolution Gaming. Many players choose it over the rest of the variants since it has among the highest RTP rates of 99%. Like other games, first person blackjack pays 3:2.

Playing this game offline free of charge can give you a captivating experience since this game is designed with sophisticated 3D technology. The casino game comes with a stunning 3D animated table that makes it different from other variants. In this eight-deck game, your main objective should be to get a hand closest to 21. You get the chance to play it against the dealer and not any other player. Feel free to play all of the five open boxes simultaneously.

You can make different moves in this variant, such as hitting, splitting, doubling down, or standing. Even money options and surrender are not available in this variant. Some of the side bets that you can make while playing this game include perfect pairs and 21+3. Even as you play this game free, you should utilize the basic strategy to learn how you can raise your chances of succeeding in it.

Infinite Blackjack

Evolution gaming also came up with another variant that has captivated many gamers’ attention at Betrivers casino. Thanks to advanced software in this game, players enjoy an exciting live gaming experience. This is a simple game that you can learn at no cost. At the beginning of infinite blackjack, every player two cards. You can then decide how you want to play the game.

Though the game applies the same rules as the standard table game, this is unique since it offers at least four side bets. The entertaining variant also utilizes rules such as the six card Charlie. This is a unique rule in this variant. If, for instance, you get six cards without going past 21, you can beat the dealer.

As you play this game for free, you should find out the value of each card to learn how to win the game. The numbered cards are worth their precise face value, while cards such as ace count as 11 or 1. If you get a score of 21 in the first two cards that you receive, you will win the game. Since this does not happen often, you should consider making different moves that can bring you closer to the highest score. For instance, you can stand when you don’t want an extra card or hit when you want another card.


If you want to try out such games, you can access them from Betrivers casino. Playing such free offline blackjack games can help you relax and even learn a lot from them. Once you are comfortable with free play, you should consider betting on these games with real cash. Betrivers casino allows you to place even low bets on such games so that you don’t spend a lot of money on them.