NFL Week 8 Odds

The NFL Week 8 odds are up at and the weekend provides us some huge spreads, a few interesting overs, and a bitter rivalry that will take center stage with an undefeated road underdog.

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Longtime broadcaster and gambling expert David Tuchman is here every week to preview the NFL odds and break down the picks he is thinking about.

Before we dive into the NFL Week 8 odds and Tuck’s picks, click here to read our weekend recap of how Week 7 went.


Chargers (2-4) at Broncos (2-4). 1:00 p.m. ET
Moneyline: Chargers -175, Broncos +150
Spread: Chargers -3.5
Over/Under: 44.5

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Last week, the Broncos and Chiefs played in an October blizzard, which is why the point total is as low as it is. 

Did we all watch Jacksonville move the ball vs the Chargers? Minshew and company put up 29 and while Drew Lock didn’t play well last week, I’m a believer that he’s much better than he showed. Keep in mind, it was his first game back from injury. At a minimum, he should be able to be at least as good as Minshew, right? 

Both Denver and the Chargers have significant injuries on defense and with rookie QB, Justin Herbert slinging the ball like he is, I expect this game to fly over that low total. You’ll be counting your winnings before the 4th quarter. Take Over 44.5 points.

As for the game, these are two evenly matched teams. While home-field isn’t much of an advantage, it certainly isn’t a negative. And yet, at home,  Denver is getting 3. The Pick: Broncos +3.

Titans (5-1) at Bengals (1-5-1), 1:00 p.m. ET 
Moneyline: Titans -250, Bengals +215
Spread: Titans -6
Over/Under: 54

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There’s an air of excitement about Joey Burrow in Cincinnati and rightly so. That said, Burrow is still just a rookie and continues to put the ball in harm’s way more often than his statistics would indicate. That is bound to catch up to him at some point. This could be that week. Tennessee showed some moxie getting back in the game last week vs Pittsburgh, and people need to realize that this Titans team is solid. Cincinnati’s defense is bad. I mean, really bad. They are going to have a lot of trouble getting off the field on Sunday and that’ll put even more pressure on Burrow. 

This line opened at 4.5 and quickly moved up to 6. As I mentioned last week, the most common differentials in football games are three, six and seven, so I want to get below six.

I”ll keep an eye on this one and if it dips back down to 5.5, I’ll jump on it. If not, I’ll buy the half point on Betrivers…. oh, wait you didn’t know you could bet on alternative lines? You can…check it out

Right now, you can get Tennessee -6 at -110 or -5.5 at -118.  The Pick: Titans -6.

Steelers (6-0) at Ravens (5-1), 1:00 p.m. ET 
Moneyline: Ravens -200, Steelers +175
Spread: Ravens -4
Over/Under: 46.5

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I have underestimated the Steelers defense one time too many. On the other hand, Baltimore’s offense, specifically Lamar Jackson, hasn’t resembled the dynamic offense we saw in 2019.

Again, this is a case of the home team getting more points than they should because they are the home team. As far as I’m concerned, this should be closer to a pick’em. Getting more than a field goal is a gift. The Pick: Steelers +4.

Cowboys (2-5) at Eagles (2-4-1), 8:20 p.m. ET 
Moneyline: Eagles -335, Cowboys +265
Spread: Eagles -7.5
Over/Under: 43.5

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We were on the NYG +5  last week because Philly isn’t good enough to give a divisional rival more than a field goal. So, it stands to reason, we should take more than a touchdown and be on Dallas this week. But, who in their right mind, after watching Dallas, would ever bet on them?

Me. I’m that guy.

Give me 7.5 points. This is not a bet for Dallas as much as it’s a bet against Philly. The Pick: Cowboys +7.5.

Buccaneers (5-2) at Giants (1-6), 8:20 p.m. ET, Monday 
Moneyline: Buccaneers -530, Giants +400
Spread: Buccaneers -10.5
Over/Under: 46

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This line should be closer to 13 and after watching Brady throw a TD pass from the 1-yard line with three minutes left up by 18, I know all I need to know. The Bucs are the exact kind of team you don’t mind giving lots of points with.

Giants got a boost with the return of Sterling Shepherd, but their offensive line is still a work in progress at best. This one won’t be close. The Pick: Buccaneers -10.5.

And so, to review, here is my TUCK’S TAKE for the NFL Week 8 odds:

  • Broncos +4
  • Broncos-Chargers Over 44.5
  • Titans -5.5
  • Steelers +4
  • Cowboys +7.5
  • Buccaneers -10.5

Overall: 8-5-1