Nets-Bucks Game 5 odds

The Nets-Bucks Game 5 odds ar elive at for Tuesday night, and it’s safe to say that few if any saw a 2-2 series with the Bucks in control after the first two games. But that’s why the NBA Playoffs are a marathon, not a sprint. Brooklyn thoroughly dominated Milwaukee in Game 1 and Game 2, despite losing James Harden to an injury in Game 1. Milwaukee toughed out a close win at home in Game 3 to keep things close, and the series turned on its head in Game 4. An ankle injury to Kyrie Irving left the Nets with just one star, and the Bucks capitalized. Now, as Tuesday is here, the Nets-Bucks Game 5 odds, as well as the series odds, are not what we thought they would be.

Longtime basketball writer Rob Dauster, the co-founder of The Field of 68 Podcast Network is here to provide his thoughts on the Nets-Bucks Game 5 odds and drops knowledge on the best bets worth a wager at Pennsylvania online sports betting is live right now and ready to guide you on this journey.

Before getting to the Nets-Bucks Game 5 odds, here is a look at the Nets-Bucks series outcome odds.

  • To Advance: Nets +150, Bucks -186
  • Nets 4-2 (+550), Nets 4-3 (+280)
  • Bucks 4-2 (+130), Bucks 4-3 (+300)


GAME 3: Tuesday, June 15. 8:30 p.m. ET. TNT
MONEYLINE: Bucks -177 ML, Nets +145 ML
SPREAD: Bucks -4
OVER/UNDER: 218.5 points
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Two games into this roller coaster of a series, it looked like the Nets were going to cruise to an easy win. They had just finished beating Milwaukee by roughly 872 points in Game 2, and it didn’t matter that James Harden wasn’t playing. The Nets were the best team in the NBA!

We’re not even a week past that, and it’s amazing how much things have changed. The Bucks won Games 3 and 4 in Milwaukee, Kyrie Irving injured his ankle and BOOM, the Nets are now heavy underdogs in the series.

Which is why I love the Nets tonight.

OK, let’s walk through it.

For starters, going into a game knowing that you will only have one of your Big Three is different than game-planning for a healthy Kyrie and being forced to change in a hostile road environment. This will also be Kevin Durant’s best chance to prove that he is, in fact, the NBA’s alpha, and that is absolutely the kind of thing that matters to the most #online superstar is all of sports.

I also think it is important to note just how much better Brooklyn has been at home — they didn’t miss an open shot in the first two games, they shot 27 percent from three in Milwaukee — and how much worse Milwaukee has been on the road all season long. That doesn’t even include the likelihood that Brooklyn will get a friendly whistle now that they are back in their own building.

And should I mention that, as of this writing, the most recent reports on Harden is that he is going to try and play tonight?

I will be on BK tonight, as well as the over on Kevin Durant’s points prop, which is currently sitting at 35.5 at (-118).


Game 1: Nets, 115-107
Game 2: Nets, 128-86
Game 3: Bucks, 86-83
Game 4: Bucks, 107-96
Game 5: Bucks at Nets. Tuesday, June 15. 8:30 p.m. ET (TNT)
Game 6: Nets at Bucks. Thursday, June 17. 8:30 p.m. ET (ESPN)
Game 7*: Bucks at Nets. Saturday, June 19. TBD. (TNT)