golf betting

Golf is among the famous sports that have ruled the sports industry for a long time. And the best thing, therefore, is that punters are provided with options not only on the golf odds but also on the event that they can bet on; they can therefore, either bet on Golf Masters or for the PGA golf tournament among other tournaments.

Search for value

Without value then betting loses its taste, a good punter will therefore, ensure that he does not only find a good golfer with a high chance of winning but one that the sportsbook will pay out a good sum for. So, when it comes to finding value for your wager, you might want to look at the implied probability, which is the probability that the casino thinks a particular golfer will win the tournament.

The latter, therefore, gives the punter a winning chance if the casino is correct, and the wager will consequently breakeven; mind you the above is not inclusive of the casinos juice. On the flip side is that if you predict that the golfer has a higher winning chance when compared to what the casino is proposing then you have hit the gold mine or rather, you have found value.

The above strategy, which calls for careful analysis allows online golf bettors to collect lots of profits in the long run more especially if they are placing their bet on golf masters.

Be sure to study the general form

Information on a particular golfers recent finishes, will help you decide on whether to wager or not. Golfers, who haven’t participated in the recent competitions, will not have finishes that you can base your judgment on. But those with top finishes in the 3 or five recent events offer potential sure bets.

Do not bet on new players

Golfers who have previously won, have less pressure retaining their spot among the top 125; the golfers therefore, automatically earn the rights to stay on the moment they are able to bag a win either in the PGA golf or ET tour for up to five years. So, how is the above information relevant to the punter?

 The point here is that the winning golfers have the option of either choosing the world ranking point’s events or the bigger money. While the not so experienced players or new players will have to work tooth and nail to retain their positions, on the tour.

In essence, therefore, is that golfers who are pretty confident of their jobs and income tend to put in a lot of hard work to improving their game and skills, the above is the reason why it is always wise to back experienced players because they are more likely to offer returns when compared to inexperienced bettors.

Do not fall victim to the media hype

We all fall victims to media hype without fully comprehending the depth of talent in a particular golfer; so, while information can be convenient in helping you choose a winner, a little research goes a long way in ensuring that you don’t engage a losing streak. Lazy bettors will therefore, make the deadly mistake of betting on the media hyped names.

What’s more is that not all analysts can be trusted, some are looking to attract readership while others are paid to drive following, others are however, dependable because they work with merits. All in all, prior research on a particular player’s history and understanding of the changing odds goes a long way when it comes to objective wagering.

Just because a golfer did well on the previous event, does not mean that he/she will perform exceptionally well in the next tournament or event; the above calls for the punters to understand the odds and the probability that the golfer will most likely lose in the upcoming event.

The course forms

Digging into the course form will provide the punter with information on whether a particular player likes or dislikes a particular golf course. You will, therefore, find out that certain players have the tendency of turning up and performing exceptionally well on particular golf courses every season.

The golf courses are, therefore, different by design some that will make the golfer struggle with making par thanks to the barricade from the trees. Other courses are prone to windy conditions thus not every player will excel in this situation, lastly, we have the modern courses, characteristic of wide open grounds, and which don’t require accuracy.

The latter therefore, favors the long hitters when compared to the short hitters, in essence therefore, is that with both the recent and the past course forms, bettors will be able to attach victory to golfers by determining their wins and accuracy through the golf courses that they perform the best on.


The information provided above will help you bet on golf like a professional; and while we might help you get started when it comes to betting on golf, don’t be shy to carry out further research on how to bet on golf online. Also, don fall victim to media hype, and blindly wager on a golfer who had a win the previous week; do your research study the course form and the general form, not to forget the stats and you will be able to make a wise choice.

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