ace in blackjack,

Blackjack ace value is 11 unless it gives the dealer a cumulative score that is more than 21, and be forced to revert to 1. The above means that if you have several cards in your hands and have two aces, only one ace can be counted as 11. To properly understand how much is an ace in blackjack, start counting the cards from the left moving on to the right, if you have an ace you will count it as 11 until the total exceeds 21.

You will then subtract 10 because 11 subtract 10 gives you 1. Some people would refer to the ace as either hard or soft, the designations are only considered when the cards add up to 21 or less, the ace would then be forced to a hard which is 1. Hard means that there aren’t any options, while soft means that the hand dealt does have some flexibility. Remember that for this scenario, if the hand is valued at 11 then it would bust. Playing blackjack at a brick-and-mortar casino is not different when compared to online blackjack.

Ace in blackjack

If you have aces in your deck of cards then your starting hand value is either a 2 or a soft 12. If you decide to split the aces, you get up to two chances to hit 21. Individuals who have been playing blackjack for some time are aware that most gamblers love to split aces, a strategy that necessitated the introduction of rules concerning a player’s right to split the aces. So, ideally what happens is that a player will only be allowed to play one card on each of the split aces.

Playing the ace in blackjack

Among the 52 cards, the ace is the most powerful card, and anytime that it is handed to you, it is important that you make the best of it, and reap the benefits of the blackjack ace value. If you don’t get an ace, then you are not lucky but if you get two then you could potentially reap some very huge benefits. Remember that the ace cannot be influenced by playing conditions, such as the principles that the house strictly adhere to or the deck number.

And that is why we initially said that the best way to deal with the ace is to split. Initially, we mentioned that two aces strategically places you to reap wins, but that does not happen automatically as you also have to come up with sensible moves. Failure to which it will go bust.

What is an ace in blackjack and how to best utilize it

Aces are the crème de la crème in the game of 21, and this is because of the flexibility of the ace in blackjack. The card can change its value with regard to the cards drawn to their hands and the player’s preferences. Players who have the card at hand are at liberty to form blackjacks, and which is known to attract a payout of 3 to 2. What normally happens in this scenario is that the blackjack outshines the total that the dealer might be having, unless they also have a blackjack.

The Ace in blackjack also offers gamblers chances to double down, simply because they cannot be broken with a single card draw. Apart from allowing the player to form soft hands, the ace offers double strength and is, therefore, beneficial to the house. If you are still wondering what is an ace in blackjack then you need to understand that if the dealer begins a hand with an ace then the house stands to gain.

Examples of casino rules when it comes to splitting aces  

The various rules imposed by casinos such as Betrivers casino when it comes to splitting of aces is so that the player does not have an advantage over the dealer. Rules are also in place that players must observe when they have been dealt with aces, some of the rules that you are likely to encounter in the casinos have been outlined below.

Some blackjack tables don’t allow players to split aces– if you don’t split the aces, the house edge is increased by about 0.18%, in such a case it is best not to play blackjack at that particular casino because the chances of you scooping a win have been greatly limited.

Hitting the split aces- when you play the multiple deck blackjack, and you hit the split aces, it will yield an advantage of about 0.19%. In such a case most casinos would not allow the player to withdraw more cards and for the online casinos, a player can only withdraw a single card next to each of the split aces.

The ten-value card drawn to split an ace does not count as blackjack but as a regular total of 21. The player in this case is not paid at odds of 3 to 2 instead he is given even money. Supposing the player was paid at the odds of 3 to 2, the casino advantage would have greatly reduced by about 0.21%.

Re-splitting the aces – is prohibited in both online and physical casinos, assuming that it was allowed, it would have conveniently added up to 0.08% to the player’s advantage.

Discarding the split aces a player has drawn to not many casinos are in favor of this feature, and if it is by any chance allowed then the aces will be dealt directly to each other for example, A-A-3 or 3-A-A, and the splits will be played as normal.


Blackjack table game is not a game of chance, but skills, players must know how to play the hands that they have. And now that you know how much is an ace in blackjack, you should expect to be bombarded with rules when dealing with the vital aces. The Ace card does offer huge advantages to the player thus the many restrictions by the casinos, as they strive to remain profitable.