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Ice hockey is an ice sport but seems an exotic sport to many of us. If ice hockey is a minor sport in many countries, you will find many competitions and an interesting choice of types of sports betting listed on sports betting sites.

But how do you bet on hockey games? For bettors, ice hockey can be a source of profit if they bet seriously and carefully to test the ice well. If you are already an amateur interested in hockey betting, you will discover many championships and perhaps the possibility of betting all year round on your favorite sport. By betting methodically, it is possible to achieve winnings by betting on the various ice hockey competitions. Like more exotic competitions such as American football or baseball, and ice hockey.


Types of competitions available in ice hockey

  • Magnus League
  • NHL (National Hockey League)
  • KHL (Kontinental Hockey League)
  • Slovakian Extraliga
  • The Czech Republic Ice Hockey Championship
  • Finnish Ice Hockey Championship
  • Norwegian Ice Hockey Championship
  • Austrian Ice Hockey Championship
  • German Ice Hockey Championship
  • Swedish Ice Hockey Championship
  • Ice Hockey World Championship – Division I Group A and Group B
  • Ice Hockey World Championship – Division II Group A and Group B
  • Ice Hockey World Championship – Division II Group A and Group B qualifying
  • Ice hockey world cup
  • Olympic ice hockey games

The queen league is the American League. Nevertheless, it is a king sport in the countries of Northern Europe. This is why you will find all these championships available for betting on ice hockey. For the nations, it is the World Cup, but it is, above all, the ice hockey competition of the Olympic Games that highlights this discipline. The advantage of all these competitions is obviously the number of matches available throughout the year. In NHL it’s 88 games for each team including 41 at home and 41 away. If you bet on soccer, then you have twice as many matches on a classic championship. If you add the matches of other championships, ice hockey can very well be your basic sport for your bets.

Bet on hockey games – types of bets

If you register with a sports betting site specializing in ice hockey, you will have at your disposal many different types of bets. Some of them are more profitable while others are, on the contrary, to be avoided. Here are 3 types of bets that we would recommend for beginners and advanced bettors:

Hockey Moneyline bet: this type of bet is quite advantageous because, unlike football, for example, the draw is excluded from the bet. So, all you have to do is determine which team will win the match, including extra time or penalties. This, therefore, reduces the uncertainty of your bet and increases your chances of winning.

Hockey over under bet: this is probably the most popular bet, according to statisticians. With the big number of games in the NHL, the best bettors accurately analyze the statistics and can thus determine whether a game will be more offensive or more defensive. This is where over/under bets take on their full meaning since you won’t have to guess which team will win the match but rather the number of goals in a match.

The scorers: betting on scorers is probably the most lucrative type of bet, especially thanks to the odds it offers. The odds of the scorers are generally higher than 2 or even 3, which increases the odds of your bet quite quickly in the case of a combined bet. To choose a scorer in a match, you can, for example, analyze the recent results of a player and the ones of the opposite goalkeeper, or a player’s number of shots taken per match. In any case, it is advisable to take a close look at this type of bet if you start to know the different players well.

3 tips for making the right choices on your hockey bet predictions

Your ultimate success in sports betting on hockey will largely depend on your knowledge of the sport and your thoroughness in managing your bankroll and stakes. Nevertheless, some tips can help you become a better hockey bettor:

Analyze the schedule of each team: the pace of NHL games is particularly high and the teams must play several games per week. It is therefore natural that the latter prioritize certain matches over others and this is a fact that you must analyze for your predictions.

Know the strengths and weaknesses of each team: to make your hockey bet predictions, you must have an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of each team in a championship. It is this knowledge that will guide you in choosing the type of sports bet.

Read the news: the busy schedule of the NHL results in the rest or even injuries of some players. If hockey allows a high number of changes, betting on a team that has one or more major players absent would be a serious mistake.

How to find out about ice hockey?

This is the problem. All good bettors should inform themselves and see the matches. Bookmakers offer free streaming ice hockey matches, which is a great way to get to grips with the discipline. For the rest, we can say that ice hockey makes the headlines in the US. You also have a wealth of information and statistics on official club websites. For beginners, focus on one club and only bet on it. On the other hand, for other championships, the language barrier can be prohibitive. If you have any ideas or sources for the Northern European Ice Hockey Championships, please do not hesitate to communicate them as we would like to share them with the community.

Ice hockey is a sport that can be rewarding if you play smart. The first difficulty is to see the matches and benefit from fresh information. For the rest, the odds are good, there is plenty to study, and the bookmakers offer a wide choice of competitions.

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