formula 1 betting

If you are a fan of Motorsports, you must be familiar with Formula One. This features some of the best drivers racing against each other in technologically advanced vehicles. You should consider engaging in formula 1 betting since you can make money by simply predicting the outcome of events correctly. Betrivers is an ideal betting site that most fans of formula 1 choose. This site can ensure that your betting experience is worth it. Here is more!

The Monaco Grand Prix is approaching

Formula 1 is made up of a total of 21 races. The drivers in these races have to cover at least 305 kilometers within a time limit of about 2 hours. One of the popular Formula 1 races that you can bet on this the Monaco Grand Prix. Despite the Covid 19 Pandemic that has paralyzed games for quite a while now, the Monaco Grand Prix is scheduled to occur between 20th and 23th May 2021. Betrivers gives you an opportunity to bet online on this race. This means that you don’t have to visit any physical site to place a bet on such a popular race.

This race is often held in a small country near the Mediterranean Sea. The country has been hosting this race each year since the 1950s. Though every race in Formula 1 is different, The Monaco Grand Prix is the most unique. You can successfully bet on this race as long as you pay attention to certain formula 1 betting tips.

This is how you should engage in formula 1 sports betting

Not every punter that bets on motorsports end up winning. The difference between successful bettors and losers lies in the strategy that they implement. If you want to be among the successful bettors in Formula 1 races, you should be keen on the following tricks.

Choose the right site

Though you can bet on this sport from different sites, sportsbooks are not equal. You should only go for a site that has your interest at heart. Consider a reputable bookmaker such as Betrivers. This is a well-regulated sportsbook that displays competitive formula 1 betting odds. It can help you get the most value from your bets.

Apart from the reputation of the company and its excellent odds, you should also consider engaging in formula 1 sports betting from Betrivers due to its great offers. For instance, when you sign up with the site, you will receive a significant deposit bonus so that you have more money to bet on Formula 1. Such free bets draw more fans to this site.

Focus on the right market

This is also among the most useful Formula 1 betting tips that you should never overlook. Though Betrivers offers a lot of markets on such races, you should only focus on the one you understand best. If, for instance, you want to bet on Formula 1 for the first time, you can start with the simplest market, which involves predicting the winner of the race.

Once you start gaining experience betting on this sport, you can now move to more complex markets. For instance, you can predict which driver is likely to finish on the podium. Betrivers also offers more markets for this sport that you can pick from, such as pole position, fastest lap, or top 3 finish. Once you have identified an ideal market to focus on, take your time to analyze the formula 1 betting odds displayed for different drivers. Doing this increases your chances of making an accurate bet in the upcoming Monaco Grand Prix race.

Be keen on F1 stats

Before you start betting on Formula 1, you have to pay attention to the relevant stats. You should not ignore even the smallest details since they can significantly impact the overall performance of a driver. You should do comprehensive research to find out how certain drivers have been performing in races such as the Monaco Grand Prix.

Find out the race favorites before placing a bet and assess if such racers are worth betting on. You can find all the relevant stats of this sport from online sources. You should also spend some time reading race previews since this can help you discover useful F1 news before backing any driver.

Pay attention to the weather

Some punters make the mistake of not checking the weather forecast before engaging in formula 1 sports betting. This is a vital factor that you must consider since the weather can directly impact the overall performance of a Formula 1 race, such as the Monaco Grand Prix. When the weather is too harsh, it can cause havoc on some vehicles, making it hard for drivers to give their best performance. As you focus on the weather, you can also find out which specific drivers tend to fare well in wet conditions.

Focus on the grid position

Grid position plays a significant role in a race such as the Monaco Grand Prix. Since the Monaco track is often windy and twisty, drivers find it challenging to overtake each other during the competition. Racing on this track is different from other races, such as the Canadian Grand Prix, where the track has enough space for drivers to overtake one another. Taking into consideration the grid position before betting on a Formula 1 race can give you a better chance of making an accurate bet.

Have fun

As you bet on Formula 1, you should always prioritize having fun. Though every punter wants to make money from such sports betting opportunities, focusing on enjoying yourself can prevent you from feeling frustrated if you lose.


Formula 1 races keep on getting interesting due to the competitive nature of this sport. If you enjoy such races, you should consider engaging in formula 1 betting. You can succeed in this form of sports betting as long as you spend your free time researching. All the best!