Group F picks & predictions

Group Stage play at Euro 2020 wraps up this week, and Monday features the Group C odds for The Netherlands-North Macedonia and Ukraine-Austria. Be sure to place your sport bets after reviewing Euro 2020 odds. The Netherlands has already advanced to the knockout round, while North Macedonia has already been eliminated from the competition. With not much to play for in the first game, the Group C odds for Netherlands-North Macedonia are tougher to gauge than we would expect. Longtime writer Rob Dauster, the co-founder of The Field of 68 Podcast Network is here to provide his thoughts on the Group C odds for Monday, June 21 and drops knowledge on the best bets worth a wager at for The Netherlands-North Macedonia and Ukraine-Austria.

Euro 2020 championship odds: France (+390), Italy (+575), Germany (+650), Belgium (+750), Portugal (+850), England (+1000), Spain (+1000), The Netherlands (+1400)


THE NETHERLANDS (2-0-0) vs. NORTH MACEDONIA (0-2-0), 12 p.m. ET
DRAW: +510
Over 3.5: +128
Under 3.5: -155
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This is one of those matches where everything has already been decided. The Dutch have won the group. The Macedonians have been eliminated. So touting this is not exactly straightforward.

That said, I do think there is a clear play here: The over. The Dutch are going to rotate, but their second team is still quite talented. While North Macedonia has lost twice in this tournament, they actually do create some chances. They have some players that see time in some of the bigger leagues in Europe, and their striker has had a long career playing in Serie A. They also concede a ton of chances, so when you combine that with the fact that they concede a ton of chances, I do like there to be goals in this match.

I also think that backing the Dutch side has value as well.

If we’ve learned anything about Macedonia in this tournament, it’s that they’ll allow a ton of chances and while they can create some threatening moments, we’re not exactly talking about the most clinical of finishers here.

UKRAINE (1-1-0) vs. AUSTRIA (1-1-o), 12 p.m. ET
DRAW: +105
Over 1.5: (-180)
Under 1.5: +148
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This is where things get weird, and motivations have to be taken into account.

Ukraine will finish second in the group as long as they don’t lose to Austria. Austria will, in all likelihood, advance to the knockout stages as long as they don’t lose to Ukraine. Both teams are heavily incentivized to play for a draw and try to avoid losing this match.

We’ve seen situations like this play out before. It’s very easy for both sides to sit back, play a defensive style of football and try to avoid the carnage that would come with a loss. I’m not saying collusion will happen here, but I am saying that if both teams know a draw gets them what they want, it makes sense that you end up with a line where a draw is the heavy, heavy favorite.

Which is why I don’t think that I am going to invest in this match. I think betting on a draw is probably the best play here, but that’s a very specific outcome that banks on a pair of teams that are willing to try not to win. If that’s not your cup of tea, I do think that the Ukrainians have been the better side in this event. They have better talent in the attacking third, and while I do worry about Austria’s midfield overrunning them, the Austrians have not exactly been dominant in the midfield through two matches.