Group F picks & predictions

Group Stage play at Euro 2020 wraps up this week, and Monday features the Group B odds for Denmark-Russia match and Belgium-Finland match, both at 3 p.m. ET on Monday, June 21. Keep up with the news and place a bet at one of the most trusted sportsbook in Illinois.

Belgium is all but headed to the knockout round, with only a loss and a wild result in Denmark-Russia to force a tiebreaker scenario. The Russia-Denmark game is where things can get interesting and the Group B odds tend to be all over the map. Longtime writer Rob Dauster, the co-founder of The Field of 68 Podcast Network is here to provide his thoughts on the Group B odds for Monday, June 21 and drops knowledge on the best bets worth a wager at for Denmark-Russia and Belgium-Finland.

Euro 2020 championship odds: France (+390), Italy (+575), Germany (+650), Belgium (+750), Portugal (+850), England (+1000), Spain (+1000), The Netherlands (+1400)


DENMARK (0-2-0) vs. RUSSIA (1-1-0), 3 p.m. ET

RUSSIA: +400
DRAW: +300
Over 2.5: +114
Under 2.5: -137
Click here for the full list of Denmark-Russia odds.

I’m going to throw all tactical analysis and consideration out the window for this one.

It’s not always smart to bet with your heart, or to bet on the best story, but I think in this spot we have to. We all know what’s happened with Denmark in this tournament. They lost their first match after their talisman, Christian Eriksen, was brought back to life on the pitch in the first half against Finland. They played inspired football in their second match against Belgium, but the No. 1 team in FIFA’s rankings brought on a pair of world-class talents in the second half and won, despite getting entirely outplayed and outshot for 90 minutes.

That leaves today.

The Danes, with a win where they score two goals, are likely going to end up getting through to the knockout rounds. They’ll need Belgium to beat Finland, but if that happens, and they end up on level points with Russia and the Finns, the Danes will finish second if they score at least two goals today.

So that’s what I’ll be betting on.

The Denmark Moneyline at (-148), as well as Denmark scoring at least two goals at (-110).

PS: I know I said I’m throwing all the tactical analysis out the window, but the tactics say bet Denmark. The Danes were the better team in their loss to Belgium. Russia got smoked by Belgium.

BELGIUM (2-0-0) vs. FINLAND (1-1-0), 3 p.m. ET
DRAW: +420
Over 2.5: -105
Under 2.5: -117
Click here for the full list of Belgium-Finland odds.

The under here is the play for me. Belgium has already won the group, assuming they don’t lose to Finland, who is completely overmatched. Even with a loss, the Belgians would end up getting through, unless the Finns win by six goals.

So with a rotated Belgian side going up against a Finland team that could still, in theory, get out of the group even with a 1-0 loss, I’m fully expecting this to look similar to Italy-Wales from yesterday. Finland sitting back and soaking up pressure, trying to hit something on the counter. Belgium playing their second team, trying but not really trying to score. The under is sitting at (-117), and while it will never be comfortable playing an under in a game where one side is this much better than the other, I’m willing to bet on game script here.