Mike Ditka on NFL picks for week 4

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Mark Schlereth on Broncos vs. Ravens

You believe the Broncos’ 3-0 record is a mirage because they’ve only beaten teams that are a combined 0-9? Stink doesn’t think so – he says they’re doing what they’re supposed to – taking care of business.

He also has this to say about Broncos QB Teddy Bridgewater:

“Nobody’s been better in the National Football League against the blitz than Teddy Bridgewater. He has been phenomenal. Cutting people up that decide to bring pressure, making great decisions, I believe all four of his touchdown passes have come against the blitz.”

Stink is pretty certain of his pick and you can see his full reasoning right here:


Brandon Stokley on Dolphins vs. Colts

“You’re talking two hungry football teams that need a win,” says Stokley.

He stresses that both teams will need to figure out how to move the ball even though they’re dealing with iffy situations at QB.

On the Colts, he says, “They still haven’t gotten that running game going, this is a team that needs to run the football and play good solid defense. That’s how they’ve won in the past and right now they’re just not able to establish the run.”

Check out the rest of Stokley’s prediction right here:

Mike Ditka on Bears vs. Lions

The Lions are 0-3 and the Bears are 1-2. Ditka thinks that Justin Fields will probably be under center and that, “The Bears are waiting to ‘unleash’ their offense.”

Catch the rest of his prediction right here:

Dan McNeil on Colts vs. Dolphins

Dan McNeil does some head scratching on the inconsistency we’ve seen from some NFL stars so far this season. Then he launches into his prediction for the Colts and Dolphins matchup:

“There’s one thing I’m sure of — the Indianapolis Colts are bad.”

See more here:

Danny Burke on Bears vs. Lions

“I don’t know how you trust ’em at this point,” said Burke. But which of these two struggling teams is he referring to?

Check out more right here:

Jimmy Ott with Chalk Early, Dogs Late

Ott is 8-3 so far this season. He thinks KC will move up and Green Bay will, too. Find all of his insights right here:

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