live betting

Live sport betting is getting more and more popular if we take a closer look at the bets made on online bookmakers. Indeed, bettors enjoy the adrenaline rush that live betting provides and generally use their smartphones to bet while watching the matches.

However, that does not mean that live betting is an easy task. We are going to explain to you in detail what this type of bet consists of, how to use it wisely, and present to you the forms taken by live betting.

Live sport betting is now an integral part of the offer of many online sportsbooks in the USA. They offer a live space to allow you to bet live. If you are just getting started in sports betting Iowa and you have not yet chosen your bookmaker, we invite you to try your hand on our site.

What is live betting?

As the name suggests, live betting means that you can bet on a match in progress. To do this, all you need to do is go to the live betting area of your sportsbook operator and select the match in progress you want to bet on.

Example: The Champions League match between Real Madrid and Manchester City started 25 minutes ago. Manchester City have just opened the scoring, but you have the intuition that it is Real Madrid who will win tonight. You, therefore, decide to bet on a victory for the Madrilenians. The odds of Real Madrid are also quite high insofar as Manchester City leads the scoreboard. At the end of the final whistle, you win your bet thanks to the victory of Real (2-1).

The advantages of live betting

The most interesting aspect of online betting is that you can place your bet while the game is in progress. Concretely, all you must do is log into your player account during a match to place a bet on your sportsbook site. The live bet is different from the pre-match bet because the odds of the match change depending on the evolution of the sporting event. You can thus take advantage of a good opportunity during the match and suddenly increase your chance of gaining more money!

The other advantage of live betting is to be able to bet while watching the match, this is the most fun side of this bet. You experience the adrenaline of the game while you watch sport betting live online. Finally, live betting continues to evolve and allows you to use ten types of bets, with the possibility of using cash out if you doubt the outcome of your prediction.

Regarding the sports and competitions available for live betting, be aware that online bookmakers give you many possibilities. If you regularly bet on soccer, you can for example bet on matches of the Premier League, La Liga, Jupiler Pro League, Champions League, Euro, World Cup, and most of the championships played. worldwide. You are also spoiled for choice on the sport that interests you for your live bets: soccer, therefore, but also basketball, tennis, rugby, ice hockey, American football, etc

The disadvantages of live betting

If you bet live, you analyze the match according to your intuition and this is often done to the detriment of statistics. Live betting can cause you to lack perspective, so sometimes it is better to keep a cool head rather than wanting to give it a go.

Besides, certain types of bets are not available live, such as combo bets. As for live odds, these sometimes turn out to be less interesting depending on the choice of your sportsbook operator. Here again, we invite you to consult our odds to determine which are the most generous, both in terms of availability and the bonuses offered.

The different types of live betting

While live betting on online sportsbooks has been in existence for less than ten years, it continues to evolve. Originally you could only bet on the result of a soccer match and a few major competitions like the Champions League, Premier League, Euro, and World Cup.

Nowadays, dozens of live bets are offered by sportsbooks. On a football match, you can bet live on the winner of the match, the next goal scorer, the next substitute, the next game action, the team that will score the next goal, the number of goals scored, or the possession of the ball.

Thanks to the speed of the internet connections, it is also possible to bet live on sports such as tennis. You can therefore bet on the next point scored, the number of games, whether the player will succeed in his service, whether he will score an ace or double fault. You can also bet on the winner of the game, the set .and, of course, the match. You are spoiled for choice for your predictions! Regarding live basketball betting, it is also possible to bet on the winning team of the quarter, the best scorer of the match, the number of faults of a player and the best passer. There are many possibilities. It’s up to you if you bet live, it’s up to you!

In summary, live betting is the ideal option if you want to have fun in sports betting. It is also very user-friendly since you can play at the stadium, at home, and with friends while watching the matches.

Our advice on live betting

While live betting is an interesting tool for bettors, this variant still requires some precautions to be taken. To begin with, we believe that the live space is reserved for players who have already become accustomed to betting online and know how sports betting sites work, especially in terms of odds.

Live betting asks you to let your intuition run free. That does not mean, however, that you should overlook the stats that were available before kick-off.  The expert live sport betting tips, the history of the confrontations, the last results obtained, the general classification, the number of goals scored and conceded, all represent reliable elements for your live sport betting strategy, even if the match has just started. Ideally, we recommend that you only bet on the matches you are watching on television. It is even better to focus on the sport or team that you are best at mastering.

Finally, do not forget to use the tools made available to you by your operator: the cash out is an interesting option if you wish to change your prediction. Likewise, the mobile application and the streaming service that are available on some sites can help you establish the best live predictions!