online casino games

Roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat, slot machines, craps, or even video poker: all the online casino table games are everywhere on the internet!

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All these games fall further into two categories: slot machines and other video games and table games. The first ones are intended for the most solitary players: only facing the screen, everything is played face to face. The latter – card games and roulette – commonly referred to as table games – are much more interactive, and for some players they may be more exciting since other players and the human element, this unpredictable thing, are involved.  For this type of game, therefore, in addition to luck and chance, the strategic talent of each player is crucial! Let us also mention the very popular and increasingly popular option of “live” games with a live dealer that you  always find in a real money online casino!

The advantages of playing for real money at an online casino

For table games, first of all, the real money mode is not comparable to the demo mode, you enter a whole new dimension.

Real money gambling confronts you with the reality of real players: adrenaline, tension, and passion.

Finally, the great advantage of online games for real money is that you are entitled to the bonuses offered by the casino, as well as to all the events, additional games, festivals, VIP club, etc. offered by the site to players.

The VIP Club, for example, which rewards loyal players at an online casino, not only gives you more bonuses – and therefore more playing time – but also introduces you to a whole host of exclusive games and entertainment. Some casinos even organize VIP outings for their players!


Baccarat is a card game that is found very often in Las Vegas casinos. It was made popular thanks to James Bond, who played there regularly. This card game opposes the players and the banker. If you’ve never played this casino game, it’s time to practice a baccarat online free game before starting a real money game at a casino. You will see, there is nothing very complicated to do apart from betting.  Baccarat has a reputation for being played quickly, but you must stop believing that this game is only for skilled players. It is a very simple game (if not the simplest), which any beginner is likely to understand in a few minutes of practice. Our advice: practice Baccarat in demo mode first.


No need to present this legendary game, which nevertheless exists in many versions. Its most popular variant is Texas Hold’em Poker and there are now plenty of possibilities to play live on online casino sites. It is the game that involves not only patience and strategy but also a great control of the emotions, or the art of bluffing, as well as a good psychological intuition to unmask it. The easiest way to learn the basics and practice poker games online is to play at free internet poker sites. Poker players can try out strategies, play certain cards from different positions, and keep track of statistics as they try to master the game. When they feel comfortable with their skills, they often switch to online poker sites to play for real money and see if their practice will translate into profit.


Roulette is the iconic game of any casino, it is a classic table game. The online roulette game offers a wide variety of betting possibilities such as single bets (red or black) which allow you to double your bet, or full number bets which can allow you to win 31 times your bet! Roulette is one of the games most appreciated by table players for the betting possibilities, the atmosphere around the roulette table, and the chances of winning! Before playing roulette online for real money, it is good to know the best strategies to adopt by playing a free demo version to avoid making beginner mistakes which will decrease your chances of winning. Practicing free online roulette is the best way to succeed!


Blackjack is a very popular game in the world of online casinos, it is the most played table game after roulette. Such a craze for online Blackjack can certainly be explained by the fact that chance is not the only factor to consider during BlackJack games online for money. Your strategy and decisions can greatly increase your chances of winning against the bank. BlackJack became known to the general public thanks to Hollywood films showing talented mathematicians predicting cards by counting them and pocketing millions! If you are not gifted, however, it is better to know the classic strategies. The rather simplistic goal of this casino game is to get 21 or close without ever going over it, because if you exceed 21 – you go bust! In BlackJack, the dealer faces the players.

Slot machines

Slot machines are the mainstay of casinos! There are thousands of them, which are divided into several major categories, including classic slot machines, 3 reels and 3 paylines; video slot machines, generally with a theme and a short story; progressive slot machines, which have the neat feature of accumulating a jackpot that keeps increasing until a lucky player wins it.

When you play slot machines, you can discover their free version that thousands of players rush to play. First of all, some players who are looking for pure entertainment. Indeed, some people prefer to play just for fun. Free online slot games are for them a simple source of pleasure in the same way as playing football, online games, or any other activity, they know how to be satisfied with the demo mode and do not want to bet their money online.

Video poker

Video poker is a very popular casino game among table players but also slot machine players since it is a brilliant compromise between the two. In video poker, the odds are almost the same for the operator and for the player! By adopting the right strategy, hitting the jackpot on video poker machines is within reach of any good player.