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Particularly popular in the United States, craps is much less famous elsewhere in the world. However, this does not prevent it from being offered on many online casinos accessible worldwide. The Americans prefer to play craps online because of the many advantages they offer compared to playing craps in land-based casinos. Do you want to know which ones? You just need to read on.

Among the casino games, craps might not be the most known but it is a very entartaining game.

As we said in the introduction, indeed, craps is not the most popular game in the world. So, to find it in a land-based casino, you have to get up early. You can find a few tables, that’s for sure, but not all brick and mortar casinos offer one. This is already a good reason to play craps online since you can enjoy this dice game in many virtual rooms.

Besides, on the Internet, there is no need to dress or travel. You can play online table games from home, in front of your computer. Thanks to smartphones and tablets, you can also play craps anywhere with friends, at work, or even on the bus or train.

How to Play Craps

The game seems to scare players off because of its alleged difficulty. However, as you will see below, craps rules are very easy to understand. Nevertheless, it must still be recognized that the number of bets is particularly important. Yet it would still be a shame to miss out on such an exhilarating casino game.

Equipment for playing craps

This casino game is played on a special table equipped with many boxes to make the various bets. It also involves the use of 6-sided dice, the total of opposite sides of which must always be equal to 7. The goal of the participants is to bet on the result of the roll of these famous dice by one of them. Indeed, all the players can bet: not just the one who rolls the dice. The latter is also called a shooter.

Points and Figures

Each time the shooter rolls a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 while rolling the dice, he is said to have made the point. There are also other figures:

  • a 2, a 3, or a 12 form a craps,
  • a double (with the exception of the double 6 which was mentioned just before) forms a hardaway,
  • an 11 is a pass,
  • a 7 forms a natural.

The Progress of a Game

A game of craps begins with the shooter’s dice roll. Depending on the result of its launch, several configurations are possible:

  • with a pass or a natural, he wins his stake,
  • with a craps, he loses his bet,
  • with a 4, a 5, a 6, an 8, a 9 or a 10, he makes a point.

When the point is scored, the shooter must re-roll the dice until he manages either to redo this point or to obtain a 7, which respectively results in the winning of his bet or the loss of his bet.

Then, a new game can begin.

Craps Strategy

Let’s start right away by talking about a subject that will surely upset some: craps is a casino game. It is, therefore, in favor of the bank. Consequently, it is better not to rely too much on winning money by playing without a craps strategy. On the other hand, there are some interesting techniques to implement to significantly increase our chances of winning. So here are the three easiest craps strategies you can use.

Simultaneous bets

The greatest specialists in this dice game will tell you that the best way to win money in craps is by making simultaneous bets. To maximize your chances of winning, it is interesting to bet on a double bet such as come while combining it with a single bet like pass line.

The best method is then to start with a few single bets and then add double bets, only when the hand is won.

Money management

Many players also practice money management. This consists of restricting your bets to an amount less than 2.5% of your bankroll. By operating in this way, you manage your credit better and reduce the risk of losing everything quickly.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not in the event of significant losses that you should increase your gains. It is rather the reverse. In this case, it is better to decrease them. On the other hand, you can increase them if the gains come one after the other.

The Patient Field Method

A few players particularly enjoy using techniques inspired by mathematics and probability. They should try the patient field method, which consists of following the progress of the games in great detail. As a result, it requires certain patience.

The goal is to put yourself on a par with the players who have the most chances in craps. For this, it is advisable to roll the dice the first time without making a high bet until the fifth next bet. If you win money, you can then continue with other bets.

This technique does not allow you to pocket winnings every time, of course. Nevertheless, its effectiveness remains a fact. By using it, you can reduce your losses by betting only at the right time. Also, it allows you to continue playing longer, which should allow you to win more.

Play Craps Online For Free

Online casinos below offer you bonuses that allow you to receive extra money to play longer and win more!

Why play free online craps?

We have already mentioned the value of online craps. However, there is another advantage of gambling on the web: it can be played for free. For that, it is enough simply to use a demo version in which you do not put real money.

Ideal for discovering the game

If craps is not necessarily very well known in Europe, it is because on the old continent it is believed that this game has rather difficult rules. However, this is not the case since the principle of the game is very easy to understand. On the other hand, we have to admit that there is a very large number of different bets. So, before playing for real money with your own money, it is strongly recommended that you practice free craps. This allows you to experience the game at your own pace without putting your own money at risk.

Perfect for creating strategies

Once you have mastered the various craps bets, you have to switch to paid mode to feel the full sensations offered by this very popular dice game in the United States. However, it can be interesting to come back to free craps when you have invented a strategy. Indeed, to test it, the best way is still to play. So, in order not to risk losing too much money while adjusting your technique, free craps is ideal.

The registration bonus

There is another way not to put your money at risk while playing craps, and that is by taking advantage of a registration very bonus. Indeed, this promotion allows you to receive a few bucks just after registration, without even making any deposit. If you use this amount in craps, you don’t run the risk of losing your money. On the other hand, we cannot consider it as free craps since the winnings that you manage to win are yours. So it’s even better!