online casino vs land based casino

You can either gamble from a land casino or an online casino such as Betrivers. Though most people used to crowd at brick and mortar sites, things changed with the introduction of casino games online. Before you choose either of the options, you should first find out how they differ. Check out this comparison of online casino vs. land-based casino.


One of the reasons why so many bettors choose online casinos such as Betrivers is because they are convenient.  Unlike gambling from a brick-and-mortar site where you have to dress up and travel, you can access online casinos from a desktop. All you need to begin gambling from an online platform is a good internet connection. With an online casino, you don’t have to waste time or money to get to any destination. Gamers find online casinos cheaper and more convenient.

Mobile gaming

If you are always on the go but love gambling, you should consider doing it online. One of the online casino benefits that you can enjoy is mobile gaming. You can access the casino games online not only through a computer but also smartphone.  Online casinos give you access to all your favorite games through different devices. They do this without confining you to one location. Thanks to advanced technology, online casinos have made different games compatible with various operating systems. This is different from gambling through a land-based casino since you have to be at the physical site to access the games.

Game variety

One of the things that draws many gambling fans to online casinos is variety. The internet gives you thousands of online casinos that you can pick from. Once you find an ideal one like Betrivers, you will be exposed to so many casino games online that you cannot exhaust. Land-based casinos are limited since adding a new game means that the site has to look for extra physical space. Since online casinos store their games in digital formats, they introduce so many games that people with different preferences can enjoy.

Free play

If you don’t want to risk your hard-earned cash, you should choose online casinos instead of land-based ones. Online casinos give you a chance to play games free through demo mode. They give you a chance to test the games and even have fun without spending any cash. You can also learn the features that a game contains through playing it free of charge. Land-based casinos do offer free play opportunities.


Online casinos like Betrivers have a lot of bonuses that you may not find on a land-based site. They offer no deposit bonuses, match bonuses, free spins, and referral bonuses. Such bonuses are meant to attract numerous players to online gambling. Using rewards is essential while playing games since they can help you save some cash.  Though land-based sites sometimes offer their customers free drinks, their types of incentives are not as attractive as those found in online casinos.

Fast gameplay

Another thing that differentiates online casinos from land-based ones is the speed of play. You can play most games faster from the online platform. The problem with gambling from a land-based platform is that there is a lot of pressure from other people. Since you can play online casino games from home, you will not be subjected to such pressure. You can even choose the pace that you are most comfortable with and take breaks during online gambling.

Better rates

If you want to enjoy better rates while gambling, you should stick to online casinos. Most of the games available at online casinos have better payback percentages than gambling from a land-based site. Online casinos also offer games that have a lower house edge compared to land-based sites. Brick and mortar sites don’t have the best rates since they have many expenses that they settle. You can also enjoy lower minimum betting limits from an online casino. For instance, at Betrivers, you can start playing table games by depositing only $1. On the other hand, the minimum betting limit in most land-based casinos is $5.

Play on-demand

When playing from a land-based site, you have to wait for your turn since you will not be the only one gaming. You can have a different experience by choosing an online casino since here; you don’t have to wait. The software programs used at Betrivers online can handle so many players at a go.

No noise

Land-based sites are often crowded with people of different personalities. Such sites are quite noisy and can easily distract you while gambling. Gaming from an online casino will not subject you to too much noise. You can therefore focus on your game and even make some cash. If you, however, enjoy the interaction, the industry has come up with a live casino online where you can still communicate with other players and dealers. If you choose to play from a live casino online, you should ensure that you understand the games well to avoid financial losses.


Though both land-based and online casinos offer gambling opportunities, they are not equal. Online casinos have so many benefits that you may not find in a brick-and-mortar site. From our online casino vs. land-based casino comparison, you can see why so many gamblers choose to engage online.