NFL Playoff Odds

The 2020 NFL Playoffs Odds are live on, and the playoff betting action doesn’t have to start on January 9, when the six-game Wild Card Weekend begins.

No. 7 Colts at No. 2 Bills kick off the 2020 NFL Playoffs on Saturday, January 9 at 1:05 p.m, followed by No. 6 Rams at No. 3 Seahawks (4:40 p.m.) and No. 5 Buccaneers at No. 4 Washington (8:15 p.m.). On Sunday, No. 5 Ravens at No. 4 Titans kicks off first, followed by No. 7 Bears at No. 2 Saints, with No. 6 Browns at No. 3 Steelers wrapping up Wild Card Weekend on Sunday night.

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But before the games begin, there are plenty of futures bets worth a wager.

Longtime broadcaster and gambling expert David Tuchman looked over the NFL Playoff odds and here to provide his analysis on Super Bowl futures, MVP bets, and much more.

Week 17 ended with us going 5-2 to close out the regular season at 68-42-4. 

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NFL Playoff Odds: Championship Futures

Super Bowl Odds: Chiefs +225, Packers +450, Bills +700, Saints +750, Buccaneers +1000, Ravens +1100, Seahawks +1400, Steelers +1800, Titans +2800, Rams +3000, Colts +4000, Browns +5000, Bears +10000, Washington +10000.

AFC Championship Odds: Chiefs -115, Bills +350, Ravens +600, Steelers +1000, Titans +1400, Colts +2000, Browns +2200.

NFC Championship Odds: Packers +140, Saints +275, Buccaneers +400, Seahawks +600, Rams +1300 Bears +4000, Washington +4000.

NFL MVP Odds: Aaron Rodgers -2000, Josh Allen +900, Patrick Mahomes +1600, Derrick Henry +5000, Tom Brady +25000, Russell Wilson +50000

We’ve got one futures bet: Aaron Rodgers at +200 to win MVP. We recommended you get in on that a few weeks ago. Rodgers is now -2000, so it’s hard to recommend at this juncture although… (more on this later)

There are a couple of other futures that intrigue me. One, in particular, is Super Bowl MVP odds. If there’s a team you think might win the Championship, but you aren’t overly excited about their odds, take a look at that team’s QB.

Super Bowl MVP Odds: Patrick Mahomes +325, Aaron Rodgers +625, Josh Allen +1000, Drew Brees +1300, Tom Brady +1500, Lamar Jackson +1600, Russell Wilson +1800, Tyreek Hill +1800, Travis Kelce +2000, Davante Adams +2500, Tyrann Mathieu +4000, Ben Roethlisberger +4000, Michael Thomas +4000, Stefon Diggs +4000, Alvin Kamara +5000, Aaron Jones +5000, Ryan Tannehill +5000, Derrick Henry +5000

For example, The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are +1000 to win the Championship. If they win, Tom Brady is going to win the MVP around 75% of the time (if not higher) But you can you bet on Tom Brady to win MVP at +1500. 

Now, I’m not necessarily suggesting that Tampa is going to win it all. What I am saying is that, if there’s a particular team you like, take a look at a way to bet on them by betting on their QB and get yourself better odds. 

In addition to Tom Brady, here are some other interesting bets to look at. 

  • Aaron Rodgers +625 as opposed to Green Bay at +450
  • Josh Allen at +1000 or Buffalo at +700
  • Lamar Jackson +1600 as opposed to Baltimore at +1100 (C’mon if Baltimore somehow wins the championship, it’s going to be because of Lamar Jackson)
  • Russell Wilson +1800 (Seattle is +1400, so not a ton of extra value betting on Wilson as he’s probably 80% to win the MVP if they somehow win it all)
  • Ben Roethlisberger +4000 or the Steelers at +1800. Pittsburgh’s late season collapse prevents me from supporting them, but maybe the week off changes everything for Big Ben? Maybe, just maybe Pittsburgh returns to how they were playing back in October. At +4000, it’s intriguing.

I mentioned earlier that we bet on Aaron Rodgers to win the MVP at +200 a few weeks ago which is obviously great news since he’s virtually a lock to win. Want more good news? You can still bet on Aaron Rodgers! No, you won’t get +200 or even close to that, but at the end of the day, he’s going to win so why not take the free money.

Want more free money? The NFL draft is on April 29 and you can bet on who will be selected No. 1 overall by the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jaguars are taking Trevor Lawrence. This is a done deal. Lock it in.

So, why not bet on it? Yeah, it’s scary to bet a lot of money to win a little, but where else can you make nearly 20% annualized on your investment? 

I’ll be posting my wildcard weekend previews along with my picks and bets later in the week so look for them and let me know what you think? You can follow me @Tuckonsports on Twitter.