Bills-49ers Week 13 Odds

Monday Night Football is here, and which means a double-header and has the latest Steelers-Washington and Bills-49ers Week 13 odds.

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David Tuchman is here to break down the Steelers-Washington and Bills-49ers Week 13 odds and tells you which way you should lean.

While nobody is thrilled about our new normal in 2020, I can most definitely get behind two Monday night football games every week. 

MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL: Steelers-Washington Week 13 Odds

  • Week 13: Washington (4-7) at Steelers (11-0), 5 p.m. ET
  • Moneyline: Steelers -278, Washington +240
  • Spread: Steelers -6
  • Over/Under: 43.5 points

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This looks like the classic Sharps vs. Squares match.  When a game seems really obvious and all your buddies are betting on one side, but the line either isn’t moving or is moving in the opposite direction, rest assured that it’s because the professional sports gamblers are on the other side. 

For the record, I was on Washington earlier in the week when the line was much larger, but if you’re betting today, Pittsburgh -6 is the way to go. I am concerned that the Steelers are playing on a short week having played on Wednesday, but this line has moved too much and at the end of the day, I’m a slave to my charts and the charts show Pittsburgh being 10 points better than Washington on a neutral field. 

One of my favorite bets in this game is under 39.5 receiving yards for Eric Ebron. 

He’s coming off a game where he had the most targets he’s had all season so recency bias is at play here. Couple that with a tough matchup vs Linebacker Cole Holcomb and Ebron should be in for a tough night. 

MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL: Bills-49ers Week 13 Odds

  • Week 13: Bills (8-3) at 49ers (5-6), 8:15 p.m. ET
  • Moneyline: 49ers -121, Bills +106
  • Spread: 49ers -1.5
  • Over/Under: 47.5 points

Click here for a full list of Bills-49ers Week 13 odds.

The other Monday night matchup involves Buffalo and San Francisco. The 49ers are calling Arizona home for a few weeks, but make no mistake, this is not home.  

Josh Allen vs Nick Mullins. On a neutral field, We’ll put our money on the better Q. 

 Give me Buffalo +1.5

I’m also betting on OVER 15.5 receiving yards for Devin Singletary. Against a solid 49ers defense, I expect Buffalo’s coaching staff to give Josh Allen some high percentage completions which should include a screen or two to Singletary.