bet on nfl

Football is one of the popular games that many people across the globe follow closely. Since the introduction of the National Football League, bookmakers have been offering football fans opportunities to bet on the game. If you would like to start engaging, it is important that you first understand the concept behind NFL betting lines. This can determine how much you make from your wagering activities. NFL betting odds are always displayed on different online sportsbooks and even sites that cover sports news. They are often based on the outcome of different games.

Odd compilers that come up with these lines do a lot of research and then create them after considering different factors that can affect the outcomes of the games. Before you bet on NFL, you should take your time to learn how to interpret the different betting lines. Focusing on this can help you make the right decisions during your betting sessions. Some of them are discussed below.

NFL betting spreads

This is a common type of betting line in the NFL. A point spread is made on a particular matchup where the underdog and favorite are determined. The oddsmakers set a particular number of points on the line to help even the game by equalizing unequal teams. As you focus on NFL betting spreads, you should identify the favorite and underdog through the symbols that appear before the teams. For instance, the favorite has a negative sign while the underdog has a positive one.

If you choose to support the favorite team, it must win by the particular number of points for your bet to go through. If you, however, support the underdog, you can win the bet if the team wins the game outright. The oddsmakers set the point spread early on every game then keep on modifying this according to betting patterns.

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If you are new to football wagering and want to engage in the best NFL betting, you should focus on these odds. This is because Moneyline betting is straightforward and ideal for beginners. In this, you only need to predict which team you think has the highest chance of winning. Factors such as points scored are not considered when it comes to Moneyline. Sometimes, Moneyline is also referred to as straight-up betting.

In order to balance things, sportsbooks offer Moneyline odds on each NFL game. If, for instance, you see +300 for cowboys and -200 for the Giants and you choose to support the Giants, you have to wager that specific amount for you to win $100.  If you, however, choose to support the cowboys, you would bet $ 100 for you to win $ 300. Ensure you find the right NFL betting tips that you can use before you start placing wagers on this league. Knowing how to identify value can make a pro in football betting within no time.

Over/ under

If you don’t want to support either of the teams, you can focus on other NFL betting odds. Over/ under bets is also another common type of bet that is not complicated to learn. It is also referred to as point totals. Odd compilers predict the total points that they assume that both teams will score. They consider different factors before reaching the point total, such as weather conditions, trends, and past performances. For you to win while focusing on these betting lines, you should gain enough insights into the scoring abilities of certain football teams.

For you to bet on the total, you have to predict if you think that the total points will be above or below the number that is listed. If you choose to focus on these betting lines, you should bet over when you believe that the total will go beyond the number listed. If you, however, believe that the total will be below the number listed, you should bet under. In most cases, when you place a $ 110 bet for this, you will get a profit of $ 100 for making the right prediction.


Apart from game lines, sometimes, oddsmakers also come up with proposition betting lines. These are different from the ones we have discussed above since they don’t involve placing a wager on the outcome of a specific football match.

Prop betting lines can be quite diverse. For instance, in a game, a prop line can be formed asking the specific team that has a high chance of scoring ten points the first.  If you make the right prediction, then you can win the prop bet. Prop betting lines are interesting since they give bettors more ways of placing wagers rather than simply focusing on the outcome of a game. Most professionals, therefore, consider it among the best NFL betting opportunities.

Live betting lines

Technology has made sports wagering quite advanced. This has led to the arrival of unique betting opportunities. Most online sportsbooks such as Betrivers now offer live betting opportunities on the NFL. You can do this from a mobile device or a PC. It differs from other types of wagers since you get to place the action on a football game as it unfolds rather than at the start of the game.

Live betting lines keep on changing from time to time. Though this is an interactive form of sports betting, you have to be well informed and pay attention to the odds to succeed. Using the right NFL betting tips can also give you a better chance of winning.


The first step you should do before you start engaging is learning everything regarding NFL betting lines. Odds are often posted for every football game throughout the football season. Though oddsmakers come up with different game lines, you to focus on a particular type of bet and always look for the highest odds. These can help you gain significant profits as you engage in NFL betting. All the best!