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Competition among online sportsbook websites is increasingly important in the United States. The users, who want to place sports bets online, are faced with an unprecedented variety of choices. We have selected some criteria for you to help you with your decision.

Don’t choose your online sportsbook based on the Sign-up bonus

All the best betting sites have similar entry offers. Make no mistake, if some sites offer larger sums, the conditions inherent in the bonus are often difficult to validate. A good bonus is in the form of a free bet or a refunded bet. In our opinion, it is important to validate your bonus to start with large capital and thus define your strategy. That is, knowing where you are going to be able to take risks. There is no single player who wins every time.

Why bet on a website more than on a bonus?

The welcome bonus is only one criterion of your choice. This is certainly an important factor to start on the right foot, but in a few months, this bonus will no longer matter. Regular promotions or odds will then become more important criteria. By focusing on the long term, you are taking the first step in your strategy. Taking all the factors into account is the key to your success as a bettor. Ask yourself the right questions. Is the site legal? Is the mobile application easy to use? Is it easy to withdraw the earned money? Is the bonus transparent? What are the bonus conditions?

How to choose your sports betting online bonus?

Comparing sports betting online bonuses can be tricky if you are a beginner. To avoid scams and enjoy your welcome offer with confidence, we advise you to follow a few principles.

  • Choose a legal Indiana online sports betting site
  • Take a bonus without minimum odds and with simple requirements

Choose a Free Bet or a Cashback Bonus

By following these few rules, you will find the best bonus for Indiana online sports betting. But don’t forget to consider other factors before choosing. They will help you decide which sites you prefer. Here are the three most important factors in choosing your bonus and your site.

Choose bonuses without “hidden” conditions. It is preferable to take a free bonus of which amount is lower but has conditions that allow you to take a more measured risk.

What is a free bet? It is what 90% of the sportsbook websites offer.

The free bet may refer to a sign-up bonus or a one-off promotion. In most cases, it allows you to make one or more bets for free.

If you lose the bet, your stake is therefore credited back to your player account as a “free bet”. You, therefore, have a second chance to place your bet under certain conditions.

If you win, the net winnings will be credited to your player account.

Example of a Free Bet:

  • Deposit $ 100, bet $ 100.
  • Register and deposit 100 $ on your account.
  • Place this bet on a single bet.
  • If you win the bet, you get the profits from the bet into your account. If you lose, your bet is refunded as a “free bet” on your player account.
  • If you are a winner, free bet winnings can be transferred to your bank account if the site does not have additional requirements.
  • If you lose, your stake is refunded to your player account. You can use it on another bet.

The free bet, who is it for?

The free bet is a bonus for players with a bit of experience or for players who want to take big risks on their first bet. Be careful not to confuse the free bet with the cashback free bet. The free bet is generally not refunded in cash.

Is the free bet a good bonus?

Before choosing a cashback, free, or deposit bonus bet, you need to find out if these options are right for you and check a few details. This is the only way to know if the offer covers a good bonus.

Free bet amount

In specific cases, a larger amount has the advantage that a free bet rarely comes with additional conditions to the deposit amount.

Free bet conditions

Check that there are no additional conditions to be fulfilled to obtain the bonus. In general, if this is the case, you must replay once the amount of the profit you have made so that you can then withdraw your money. In 99% of cases, you only win the profits from the free bet and not the profits + the stake.

The minimum odds of the free bet

The odds on which you must place your sports bet are, for example, minimum 1.5. You must then make your first bet on higher odds to qualify for the free bet. In Indiana, most sportsbooks do not have minimum odds.


When you are credited with the free bet, you must wager the amount won within a specified time. The period often ranges from a few days to 365 days. Remember to check so you don’t lose your free bet.


Pay special attention to odds because they can create noticeable differences in profits over the long term.

The functionality of the website

Try to have as much information and statistics as possible. This is an advantage when you want to bet live or place combos.

Get information from the comparators of sports betting sites.

Bookmaker comparators are great ways to decide which online sportsbook sites to select. Considering the advice and analysis of these sites to get to your own conclusion is the right technique to be satisfied with your choice. Comparing the best sites will only take you a few minutes and may save you from depositing money on an unsuitable site.

Choose YOUR best betting site

While sportsbook sites are similar, they are not necessarily equivalent. There are important differences between interfaces, odds, services, and available bets. The comparators analyze all these points to give you a final score. It is important to know what type of player you are and what you need.

Choose a Legal Sportsbook in Indiana

It is important for your banking security to select a licensed site. The Indiana Gaming Commission (“IGC”) is the entity responsible for regulating the activity of sportsbook Indiana operators and issuing licenses.

What is the difference between a sports betting promo code and a registration bonus?

The promo code can designate two types of offers. The code you must enter during your registration or the special codes distributed by the operators through the ad networks to have you bet or reward you for your loyalty. In most cases, the first promo code is the most generous. However, when taken together, small codes can also prove to be successful in the long run.

Bonus codes from sports betting sites are great ways to reduce the risk for players. If it is important to choose your site in relation to registration bonuses, you should not neglect the generosity of sportsbooks after registration.