How to bet on NBA finals

Are you looking to take a swipe and bag profits from the NBA finals, Betrivers is a legitimate and top betting site for the NBA finals. The sportsbook offers varied betting opportunities complete with varied bet options for punters to choose from. NBA finals are a big deal for the teams and fans not to forget the punters. The growth of the sport and viewers has been parallel for the longest time and each time the finals are on, the wagering action explodes.

The big question, however, is “how to bet on the NBA finals.” So, the first thing that you will want to do is check the NBA finals odds from different sportsbooks to find a profitable line. Sportsbooks are different and the betting lines keep on changing, even in Michigan Sports betting, a quick research could have you earn more. More tips on how to bet on NBA finals betting odds have been outlined below.

  1. Bet on the entire series or game by game- the National Basketball Association is made up of 30 teams, so users get the option of either betting on the entire series or game by game.
  2. For whichever sportsbook you choose to go with, ensure to shop for the best lines in the different sportsbook because the odds will not remain constant thus a little knowledge of how the lines are tweaked will keep you afloat.
  3. So, one of the most important things to look out for is the variance in the lines at the different sportsbooks. Betting game by game is somehow tough, when compared to betting for the entire series, however, you must note that if you settle for game-by-game odd of NBA finals, then you must be prepared because it usually goes back and forth.
  4. Research on the team’s performance – the performance of the teams in their last games will tell a lot about how they will play the next game. Sometimes when the games are played back to back, players, get tired, bettors should, therefore, dig into the history of the teams that they wish to bet for, and find out if they played the seven-game series or whether they played on the multiple six long. The above information will enable them to know whether the team is ready for the next match or whether they are tired from the many games.
  5. Once you get the best price to wager, you can now place your NBA finals bet, but don’t be in a rush to confirm your bet. Check to ensure that your bet slip reflects your objectives confirm and enjoy the game.

Tips on betting on NBA finals

  • Try your best to bet on each game of the NBA finals, also be sure to bet on the points spread, and on isolated occasions, you could try the over/under.
  • Futures are a gold mine, for as long as the favorites don’t carry the day. You might be tempted to place a bet on the favorites but this move is not profitable because of how the odds of NBA finals are set.
  • Prop bets also present some winning potential and you can always try out the market.
  • Consider the team’s coaching changes, bettors should watch out for lineup changes, and by this we don’t mean bringing in new players, rather changing the position of certain players.

Odds of NBA finals

Futures Betting-For this market punters can place bets on the team that will be crowned, as they await for the odds of NBA finals to be updated throughout the season. And in case you didn’t know, the earlier you make your bet the bigger the reward that awaits you. To be honest, however, is that it is almost impossible to predict the correct results for a game that will be played in a few months.

Live betting- Live bets are usually placed after the events have started, and the odds are in constant manipulation with regard to how the game is playing out. Professional punters love to wager with regard to how the game flows. In such a scenario the sportsbook usually updates their live odds after a missed shot or a basket.

Moneyline- the Moneyline market gives punters a chance to bet on the likely winner of the game.

Point spread betting– points spread refers to the points that a team can win or lose by to win a bet. In simple terms is that if the spread is (-2) then the team that you have bet on has to win by at least 3 points for your bet to win. Most punters wager on the points spread because it has the most betting handle.

Premium Number NBA finals odds- premium number odds is not a market but a strategy that requires some little research. So what you will do is shop through the various sportsbook and if you find a team that is -4 on most sportsbooks and you want to bet the favorite; peruse through the various sportsbook, you might be lucky to find a -3.5, which is an extra half point.

NBA final odds props bet –proposition betting just like its name sounds allows the punter to wager on specific occurrences in a game.  The bets usually doesn’t have anything to do with the final scoreline, the market’s limits, are low when compared to totals and sides.

Over/under– this type of market is known to deal with the combined points of both teams. A perfect practical example is a 225.7, sportsbook provided over/ under, the bettor in this case will have to decide whether the final score will be less than or more than what the sportsbooks have proposed.


When it comes to how to bet on NBA finals, bettors must settle with a reliable sportsbook, such as Betrivers. In recent times, most bettors prefer to bet live, thus your favorite sportsbook should provide a versatile application, one that is accessible by various devices including mobile phones. Scout for bonuses, in the various sportsbook, because they increase your chances of winning, the bonuses that you will be looking for are such as the deposit and reload bonuses.