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Everyone talks about it, everyone wants it… but in the end, who knows how to bet online? It takes a little practice, but above all, to have the right information at the start! But what sites to bet on? How to open an account? How do online sportsbooks work? We will answer these questions here to quickly introduce you to the world of Iowa sportsbook.

How to bet: the 5 steps of online betting

There was a time when one had to discover the things of life for oneself, without having seen them before on the Internet. Too bad for the nostalgic; here we give you the 5 steps you need to know for betting on sports online:

  1. Choosing your sportsbook: To place a bet online, you must first register on a sportsbook betting site. BetRivers is a licensed sportsbook and the perfect choice for you to place your bets successfully.
  2. Sportsbook promo: Once registered, the real fun begins. We will show you how to take advantage of the welcome offers and credit your player account so that you can have funds available to place your first bets.
  3. Place your bets online: You will see in detail how to go about making and validating a bet online. From the choice of sport to the number of stakes, the art and pleasure of sports betting will be revealed to you!
  4. Learn to bet well: Of course, it is with the practice that you improve your skills. But we will share our tips for progressing in sports betting.
  5. Master live betting: The final step, specific to online betting: live betting, during matches, often on your mobile. We will explain how to become an expert on this kind of betting.
  6. How to bet online: choose a good sportsbook

It takes two to have fun! Finding fun in sports betting will start with choosing a sportsbook as your betting partner. Here are some important criteria for choosing a sportsbook operator who knows how to bet online as well as you do!

Legality and security. All the sportsbook operators must be reliable and licensed to operate in the US.

Web interface. Nothing is more annoying than a slow site, with unpleasant graphics and complex navigation. The quality and fluidity of a platform matter a lot.

Offers and promotions. Operators have very interesting welcome offers and promotions all year round, especially in free bets. So, keep an eye out for a sportsbook free bet no deposit!

The number of sports and competitions. Usually, sportsbooks offer about 20 different sports and hundreds of competitions and matches per day.

Mobile access. Whether it is through the browser, or through an Android or Apple application to install, access to betting on the mobile is more than an option. It is a must!

These are some of the criteria you should use when searching for a reliable sportsbook.

Create an account with bonuses and promotions

In sports betting as elsewhere, it is advisable to get started in the best conditions! The sportsbook operators have understood this well; they will welcome you with very nice offers. Often a large percentage of your first deposit will be offered by the operator. Another popular offer is to pay off your first bet if it loses.

To create an account, the procedure is the same regardless of the operator, because this step is regulated by law. The creation of the player account is done very quickly, generally in a few minutes. Operators carry out identity checks by mailing a code to be activated within 30 days on the platform. You can bet in the meantime, of course. Once registered, you will be able to benefit from promotions, bonuses, and sports betting offers very regularly.

Here are the offers and bargains that can be found frequently at most sportsbooks:

Sportsbook Free Bet No Deposit

Sportsbooks often offer free bets. These are sums to bet on their site. You receive the benefit of the bet if your bet wins.

  • Boosted odds
  • Insurance
  • Contests and lotteries
  1. Sports betting: how does it work online?

The long-awaited hour has finally arrived! After you have chosen a sportsbook operator, your welcome bonus, then you created and funded your account, you will be able to place your first bets. But by the way… how do online sportsbooks work?! Don’t worry if everything seems a little complicated at first, or if you are not too satisfied with the result. It’s always better the second time around!  It’s a whole journey that awaits you to learn how to bet online like a pro, in all circumstances. But the pleasure is immediate; just play early on single bets.

Here are the 3 main types of online betting:

  • Simple bet. You bet on one outcome at a time. For example, on the winner of a tennis match or a football match.
  • Multiple bets. You bet on more than one outcome at the same time. To win your multiple bet, all your predictions must be correct. It is riskier but more profitable.
  • System bets. These are combinations of different multiple bets. For example, a system bet based on three matches involves placing a multiple bet on matches 1 and 2, a second multiple bet on matches 2 and 3, and a third on matches 3 and 1. The stakes are more expensive, but you can hope for gains even if all your predictions are not good.

What to bet on exactly?

The nature of betting changes depending on the discipline. So, in soccer, you usually bet on a win, a draw, a loss, or two of those three outcomes. In tennis, on the other hand, there is no such thing as a draw. Here are some popular betting types, which apply to many sports and fixtures:

  • Result. It is the winner of a match or a competition.
  • The final score. You find this bet especially in soccer where the scores are tight.
  • Handicap bet. You are betting here on the extent of the gap in the score on a meeting.
  • Over/under. These bets consist of betting on the height of the score, all goals, or points of the two opponents combined.
  • Exotic bets. These are special bets, depending on each sport. For example, you can bet on the number of aces on a tennis match, or a KO finish before a certain number of rounds in boxing.

Beyond these bets, online sportsbooks have all the power of the web and computers to offer many creative or exclusive bets.

FAQ – How to bet online?

How to bet online?

To understand how to bet online, 5 steps should be known:

  • Choice of the sportsbook.
  • Registration and bonus.
  • Place a bet online.
  • Get information.
  • Know how to bet live.

Do you have to be registered with a sportsbook to bet online?

Yes, it is mandatory. Sports betting is regulated by law.

Is it difficult to bet online?

If you have the right information, it’s not very difficult. The most important thing is to understand the differences that exist between bets depending on the sports, and what are the main types of bets that can be placed between single, multiple, and system bets. It is also important where you get your sportsbook free picks from.

How to bet online live?

Live online betting, also called in-play betting, requires registration with a sportsbook. Unlike traditional online bets, which are placed before matches, live bets are placed while the match is in progress. This creates significant differences.