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Betting on soccer is easy, but winning your bets is more complicated. Listening to your intuition is a possibility. But, unfortunately, this option rarely proves to be a winner in the medium or long term.

To optimize your chances of winning on your bets, it is important to take into account various parameters. Here are our tips on how to bet on soccer and especially winning your sports bets.

How to bet on soccer: choose a competition and a match

The first thing to consider before placing a soccer bet online is the odds of that bet. The higher the odds, the more the winnings will be but the more the bookmaker offering it considers that your bet has a chance of losing. This is why it is advisable to learn about the many elements to be taken into account for the analysis of the match before you bet on soccer games.

Betting on soccer: know the competition

First of all, you have to determine which championship or competition you are going to bet on. To have the maximum of chances on your side, it is advisable to choose a match from a competition that you master. Find out what championship seems the most accessible to you because you can collect as much information as possible for your analysis. The Champions League is also an interesting competition. The information is easily found allowing a complete analysis of the match.

But, if you are stuck in a more exotic championship (Russian, Swedish, Finnish championship for example) it is wise to bet because the sportsbook operators’ analyzes are less in-depth to set the soccer bet odds and it is, therefore, possible to make good deals.

Basic soccer bets

If you’ve just signed up on a sports betting site, you need to know about soccer betting lines. What are these? Soccer is based on money line bets, but there’s a variation. You may be either want the favorites or the underdogs to win, but what happens when the match ends in a tie?

Well, it’s called a draw in soccer, and you will see that happen a lot. Because many bettors and sports betting companies want to see results, they have created an additional market for soccer betting that includes the draw, and this is called a 3-way betting line or 3-way betting odds.

3-way betting line

There’s a good chance your first bet will be based on a 3-way betting line (or 1X2 ). Indeed, this type of so-called simple bet the most common among the hundred or so bets offered by sportsbooks on a multitude of team competitions.

Far from being reserved for beginners only, this bet is the main course for the most skilled bettors. It is therefore important to know all the tricks before embarking on the adventure of soccer betting.

The odds of the 3-way bet (or 1X2) on the result of a football match.

At the end of the 90 minutes of regulation time, the result of a soccer match between 2 teams A and B results in one of the following 3 options:

  • Team A wins
  • Draw
  • Or Team B wins

For each of the 3 possible options of the match (Victory of A, Draw or Victory of B), the sportsbooks assign odds, a simple numerical value > 1 making it possible to determine the potential gain in the event of an exact forecast on the corresponding option.

2-way betting line

This is a variant of the above bet, but with only 2 possible outcomes (Team A wins or Team B wins). This type exists in sports where there is no draw, for example in tennis, but not only.

This type of bet also exists for sports where there may be a draw.

For example, for soccer cup matches, usually, this bet will be called “which team will qualify”. Another example for soccer championship matches, you can also find 1/2 bets. There it is different from a cup since if there is a draw at the end of regulation time, the match ends on this result.

When only choices 1 and 2 are available, it means that you will be refunded your bet if there is a draw. In this case, the 2-way bet is a draw no bet (zero if refunded).

This is a more interesting type of bet than the 1X2 bet. Of course, the odds are lower, but with only 2 possible outcomes, you considerably limit the risk of loss.

Soccer bet strategies

When you decide to put your money on the line, you are engaging in a showdown with the sportsbook so be very careful. It’s a game where luck decides. Besides, there is no perfect soccer bet strategy. So you have to accept losing money. Once you get that on board, bet smart.

Choose a sportsbook operator  known for its good odds

Not all sportsbooks are generous with the odds they offer to players. By comparing several sports betting sites, you will be able to see some major differences.

However, the best thing is to form your own opinion. There may also be sportsbooks that will have different proposals depending on the competition (eg high odds on popular Champions League matches, but low on the Jupiler Pro League or the Eredivisie).

Take advantage of promotions

While promotions often attract chance bettors and newbies, they should not be ignored by regular players.

Anticipate changes in odds following the news

If you learn that Barcelona is moving to Sevilla without Messi or PSG are deprived of Navas and Neymar, grab your smartphone, go to your bookmaker’s website and check that the information has been taken into account in the odds.

If the betting operator and the other bettors haven’t reacted yet, you may find odds that are high compared to reality.

The announcement of a decimated team can allow you to make significant profits by hearing the news. The less popular the championship, the bigger the chances of having odds inconsistent with the forces involved.

Be patient on big events

New bettors create their accounts during big events. This typically concerns Champions League qualifying matches, Classico, or international competitions.

To attract these new depositors, sportsbooks do not hesitate to offer excellent odds to players. The sooner the deadline, the higher the promotions and the odds.

So, when you want to bet on a match that generates a lot of excitement, we advise you to wait until the last few days to make your soccer bet prediction. Sometimes you will have bonus odds of 20% or more.

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