How do betting odds work in MMA

If you love watching mixed martial arts, you should consider betting on it. This is an exciting sport that gives you so many opportunities to make some cash. Betrivers sportsbook gives you the chance to bet on sports online.  Before you support any fighter, you should understand how odds work. These figures show the likelihood of something happening. Here is more!

How do betting odds work in MMA?

MMA is a progressive sport that has become quite popular in the gambling industry. Punters bet on different competitions held from time to time. As you look at the different MMA tournaments that you can bet on, you will come across odds. These can help both beginners, and experienced bettors get a better understanding of the matchups.

Betrivers sets specific odds for different fighters. The odds can be presented in different formats such as Moneyline, decimal, and fractional. You should learn how to read the MMA betting odds set for this since they can help you learn how much profits you can make as you back different MMA fighters. In most cases, the odds are based on punters that wager $100. Check out the three formats used.

Moneyline (American odds)

The American odds are presented using whole numbers which are above 100. Suppose the MMA betting odds are set like this (Khabib -155 vs. Conor +125).In such a matchup, Khabib is the favorite since the odds for him are denoted using a negative sign, while Conor is the underdog since the odds for him are denoted using a positive sign. If you choose to back Khabib to win the match, it means that you have to bet $155 for you to win $100.

If you support Conor, it means that you can win $125 after betting with $100. Since underdog bets have a higher risk, you don’t have to invest as much cash as you would while betting on the favorite. Though a stake of $100 is mostly used to help bettors find out how much they can make from this form of betting, you don’t necessarily have to invest $100. You can bet with less cash and still use the odds to calculate the returns you should expect. If you are new to analyzing these odds for the first time, you can get help through the MMA betting calculator.

Decimal odds

Sometimes, the MMA betting lines come in the form of decimals. Most bettors consider this among the simplest formats. For you to calculate the winnings using these odds, you have to multiply your stake by the presented decimal number. Suppose the MMA betting lines are displayed like this. (Mauricio 2.65 vs. Jones 1.49).

If you support Jones to win the fight and bet $100, you can win back ($100 x 1.49= $149). This amount includes both your profits and stake. It means that you would win back your stake $100 and get a profit of $49. If you support Mauricio in this fight and bet $100, you can win back (100 X 2.65 =$265). This also includes what you invested and the profit. The profit alone would therefore be $165.

Fractional MMA betting odds

Apart from Moneyline and decimal odds, you can also engage in MMA betting while focusing on fractional odds. Though some people find these odds a bit hard to read, you can slowly get used to them. The MMA betting calculator can help you find out what returns you should expect from these odds.

Suppose the fractional odds are presented like this (Mauricio 33/20 vs. Jones 49/ 100).  If, for instance, you choose to back Jones, you can calculate your returns by multiplying the displayed odds by your wager amount (49/100 x $100= $49). This is the profit that you would make if Jones wins. You should also expect to get back your stake.

How to make profits from MMA betting

Betting on MMA fights has become quite common since many punters now understand how profitable it can be. Since this form of betting is not as old as betting on other sports, oddsmakers are yet to fine-tune the odds like in other sports. This means that you can easily identify value opportunities from the MMA betting lines.

Most experienced bettors reveal that they easily find value in props. Though other betting markets are great, props present the most advantageous odds when it comes to MMA online betting at Betrivers. Ensure that you focus on props for different MMA fights. Since many people bet on this sport, you can also make profits by fading public. When everyone is betting on one side, the sportsbook offers favorable odds to the side that is less popular to balance things.

Taking advantage of these favorable odds is how to gain profits from betting on this sport. You can use certain resources to find out what side the public is backing and even assess if the price is the best. Knowing how the tendencies of the public can affect the odds can help you make successful MMA bets.

Doing extensive research is also important before betting on this sport. You have to look for any useful information regarding this sport and watch numerous fights. Feel free to use social media to get more insights regarding MMA fights before betting on them. Also, learn the styles that different MMA fighters use before backing any of them. Most of the fighters with a good record use certain techniques while fighting.


If you are ready to start betting on MMA fights, you can get a good experience from Betrivers. You can get access to high odds that can lead to significant returns. How do betting odds work in MMA? The odds reflect the probability of a particular event. Using them can help you make accurate bets. Check out the different formats used to present MMA odds above.