tour de france

Do you enjoy watching cycling? If yes, you are probably looking forward to the tour de France. This is a popular cycling race that you should follow closely. Bookmakers such as Betrivers offer real money betting opportunities on this competition. You should engage in tour de France online betting since you can make extra cash from it.

Introduction to the tour de France

This is a unique competition in the cycling world that is quite interesting to watch. It is an annual event that takes place in France. This year, the Tour de France is scheduled to take place between 26th June and 18th July. If you are not new to Michigan sports betting, you should consider placing bets on the tour de France.

This is a physically and mentally challenging race for cyclists. Finishing the race, let alone winning it, is not that easy. Every stage of this tour has obstacles that cyclists have to overcome to win the race. The Tour de France race includes more than 20 stages of unique terrain.

The betting strategies you should follow as you bet on this race

Look at the performance of different cyclists

To succeed in online betting Tour de France, you have to focus on cyclists that often perform well in different situations. Look at how riders have been performing in the past and back cyclists with consistent performance. Support a rider that has a solid performance in most areas. A rider with excellent climbing skills is likely to win in the Tour de France.

Choose a good sportsbook

You should also take your time to find a bookmaker that can help you fulfill your betting needs. A good one should offer a reliable betting app that you can use to place bets on the tour de France even when you are on the move. A site such as Betrivers is an ideal choice. This bookmaker offers a wide range of markets that you can pick from and high odds to help you get value for your cash.

It also has a strong reputation and takes security seriously to give all its punters’ peace of mind. You can bet on this competition using different banking options and enjoy fast payouts from this site. You should also take advantage of the incentives that this site offers as you bet on the tour de France.

Do not back the top riders in Giro’D Italia

Giro’D Italia is another grad tour of cycling that takes place in May.  Since the two challenging competitions occur a month apart, you should not back the tour’s top riders. A cyclist that won the Giro’D Italia may not have enough strength to win the Tour de France. As you engage in sports betting tour de France, you should know that it is almost impossible for the same rider to win both races.

Analyze the terrain

The different stages of this race differ when it comes to the terrain. While some stages are flat and great for sprinters, other stages include quite exhausting climbs for most riders. Some stages are also hilly. The organizers of this race try to balance the different stages of this competition. Before you participate in online betting tour de France, you should take your time to analyze the terrain and find out which cyclists can easily overcome such obstacles.

Research on the Tour de France betting odds

For you to make accurate predictions as you bet on the Tour de France, you should pay attention to odds. Betrivers works with odd compilers to come up with competitive odds for this race. Analyzing the odds can help you bet on this competition without relying on guesswork. As the race approaches, you will find updated odds on it. Try to find value in Tour de France betting odds to make the most out of this wagering opportunity.

Pick the right market

Thanks to the popularity of tour de France, bookmakers have come up with exciting markets for this competition. You have to focus on a few markets that can help you earn profits from this event. If, for instance, you want to participate in sports betting tour de France for the first time, you can start by predicting the winner of the next race.

Apart from picking the winner, you can also focus on the top finish market. This involves betting on a cyclist to finish in the top 3 or 5 positions. You can also choose to focus on head-to-head wagers. The cyclists are sometimes grouped in pairs. If you choose this market, you can predict which group is likely to finish ahead. If, for instance, a rider is good but he is not in a strong team that can cycle deep into the mountains, you should avoid betting on such a team.

Check the form

Every cycling fan interested in betting on the tour de France should be keen on the form. Do not wait until this event begins for you to find out such crucial information. Start monitoring the performance of riders in different races such as the Tour de Romandie and Tour Oman. Pay attention to the last six months before the Tour de France begins so that you can find out who is in the best form.

You should also find out any cases of injuries before you start betting on this race. If, for instance, a rider is injured, they may not make it through the entire competition. Paying close attention to injury news can help you find out which rider you should avoid backing.


The Tour de France is a prestigious racing competition that occurs on French soil. You don’t have to go to France for you to be part of this race. Betrivers gives you a chance to engage in tour de France betting from the comfort of your home. You only need to sign in to this site through any platform and use the strategies above to succeed in this form of sports betting. Good luck!