online casino promo at Betrivers

Break the Bank for Your Chance at Bonus Money in Pennsylvania!

It’s time for you to bring home the bacon! The Smash the Pig promo is breaking the bank at BetRivers Online Casino now through Memorial Day weekend. It’s your chance to live high off the hog – log in today in Pennsylvania and take part in the fun.

Smash the Pig gives you an opportunity to collect Bonus Money prizes galore. All you have to do is play your favorite online slots or real-money casino games, like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and more!

Here’s how this amazing limited-time promotion works:

Every day from now until May 25 (midnight ET), play real-money casino games to earn iRush Rewards Loyalty Points. You’ll be rewarded with wheel spins based on the number of Loyalty Points you earned on that calendar day (for example, 80 Loyalty Points would earn you four wheel spins).

Those wheel spins will award coin amounts that fill up Piggy Banks or result in Bonus Money prizes. For each Piggy Bank you fill, you’ll receive an extra special Bonus Money prize.

And if you’re one of the first 10 participants to fill all six Piggy Banks, you’ll win an additional grand prize!

Regular wheel spins award between 5-15 coins or $5 in Bonus Money. Golden wheel spins are even better – they award between 25-100 coins or $10 in Bonus Money!

The more Loyalty Points you earn, the more Bonus Money you can win! As you play, track your Loyalty Points progress using your My Rewards page.


Place Finished Grand Prize
1 $1,500 in Bonus Money
2 $1,000 in Bonus Money
3 $750 in Bonus Money
4 $500 in Bonus Money
5 $300 in Bonus Money
6 $250 in Bonus Money
7 $200 in Bonus Money
8 $150 in Bonus Money
9 $125 in Bonus Money
10 $100 in Bonus Money

We’re giving away thousands in prizes, including a Grand Prize of $1,500 Bonus Money!

Make those piggy banks squeal by stuffing them full of Bonus Money! Log in to and celebrate our Smash the Pig Holiday right now.