mark schlereth makes his nfl week 8 picks

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Mark “Stink” Schlereth Makes His NFL Week 8 Picks

Stink weighs in with his insights on Week 8, including his take on the big game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cleveland Browns.

“Everybody’s trying to write the obituary of Ben Rothlisberger, it was premature, he’s playing better than people think.”

Hear the rest of Stink’s picks:

Jason Tartick’s Two Biggest Week 8 Picks

Did you know that Jason Tartick has an autographed football from Doug Flutie? He shows off his lucky talisman and shows you how to pick two underdogs this week.

“My two picks are based on the theory that this season’s about the underdog,” he said. Check out his reasoning on Twitter:

Dan McNeil on Indianapolis Colts vs. Tennessee Titans

McNeil thinks this could be an old-school smashup between two teams that like to keep in on the ground. He mentions that this game features the league’s two top rushers — Derrick Henry and Jonathan Taylor.

“The Titans could put a stranglehold on the division this week,” he said. So who does he like in this one? Check it out right here:

Brandon Stokley on Washington Football Team vs. Denver Broncos

Let’s be honest, neither Washington or Denver look like playoff teams this season. Stokley has a blunt way of summing up their circumstances.

“Both of these teams have stunk this year,” said Stokley — but someone’s gotta win this game. Who does he think it will be? Check out his betting tips now:

Mike Ditka’s Week 8 Picks

Da Coach reminiscences a bit as he makes his NFL Week 8 quick quicks.

“The Bears and 49ers — what a great history we’ve had,” said Ditka.

You’ll find Ditka’s other betting picks on Twitter:

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