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NFL Legends Make their Picks for BetRivers Sportsbook

Each week at BetRivers Sportsbook, you’ll find NFL expert picks on our blog and Twitter. This time around, you’ll get NFL odds from legendary Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka, two-time Super Bowl winner Brandon Stokley, and Jimmy Ott.

Mike Ditka on Las Vegas Raiders vs. Chicago Bears

We’ll kick things off with da Coach, Mike Ditka, who says that while a lot is being said about the coaches of these teams, it’s the players who play the game.

“I think the Raiders have a better team,” said Ditka. But who does he think will actually win the game? You might be surprised by his verdict:

Brandon Stokley on Denver Broncos vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Legendary wide receiver Brandon Stokely laments the Broncos’ inability to stop Lamar Jackson’s air attack last week in Denver. Now, the Broncos travel to Pittsburgh, where the Steelers are angry about their recent loss to the Packers.

Stokley says the Steelers may have a problem at QB.

“Big Ben looks injured, he looks old, he looks tired. He just doesn’t look the same.”

But will that be the difference in the game? Listen to his breakdown right here:

Jimmy Ott with Chalk Early, Dogs Late

Jimmy Ott starts by ruminating on last week’s notable QB injuries and their effects on two outcomes. He also has less than kind words for Jared Goff following a particularly poor fourth-down play.

He’s also high on the Buffalo Bills vs. Kansas City game on Sunday night. Want to see his picks? Check them out right here:

Danny Burke on Las Vegas Raiders vs. Chicago Bears

Danny Burke notes that Justin Fields has been named the starter for the Bears against the Raiders this weekend.

“We know the potential he presents, and there’s a lot of it against this Raiders defense that really hasn’t been that impressive.”

Think you know who he’ll pick in this matchup? Listen right here:

Now that you’ve heard the experts weigh in, make your NFL bets today at BetRivers Sportsbook!