Bet on snooker

A few years back, snooker was played in pubs among friends. Things changed with the legalization of online sports gambling. You can bet on this game and win some cash from it. Betrivers give you an excellent opportunity to engage in snooker betting. The game has a lot of professional players that engage in different competitions. One of the major competitions that attract the attention of both players and bettors is snooker World Championship.

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Learn the basics before you bet on snooker World Championship

Understanding how snooker is played is essential before you start placing bets on this tournament. Snooker is played using at least 15 red and another six colored balls. It starts with the 15 balls arranged like a pyramid at the center and the other six balls in different positions. The game also includes a cue stick and a cue ball that is designed to lead the different balls into certain pockets.

A player takes turns between the colored and red balls. Each red ball used to play snooker is worth one point. The most valuable ball in this game is the 7 point black. If a player fails to drive a ball into one of the pockets, then his turn ends, and the opponent is allowed to play. The player that manages to get the highest number of points wins. Every snooker match is played over a particular number of frames.

Snooker World Championship is a prestigious tournament that you can bet on with Betrivers. The sportsbook allows you to start placing bets on this sport on different devices. Snooker World Championship takes place around April and is held for 17 days. It involves at least 32 players that consist of 16 qualifiers who compete against the world’s top 16 players. The tournament has different rankings, such as best of 35 and best of 19 frames. Every first-round match is played between a qualifier and a top 16 player. The eventual winner in this tournament has to accumulate more than 71 frame victories and overcome five rivals.

Some of the gamers that have won in this tournament include Mark Williams, Mark Selby, John Higgins, and Ronnie Sullivan. Since Snooker World Championship has a long calendar, punters have numerous opportunities to make money from it.

How to bet on snooker

Betrivers gives you different betting options that you can use as you focus on this snooker tournament. Some experienced punters choose to bet on snooker as the action unfolds. Since the matches take hours and the tournament lasts for days, in-play betting can help you profit from this sport. Ensure you keep on checking the odds that Betrivers presents if you choose this option. The odds keep on changing based on what is going on in a match.

If you are not new to this form of sports betting, you can also focus on outrights bets. This betting market remains open for at least a year before the competition. You can, for instance, predict who you think will win snooker World Championship or back a player that you think will get to the final. You can even choose the quarter winner rather than waiting until the final stages of this tournament.

Most newbies that are still learning how to analyze odds prefer match betting. Since there is no draw in this sport, you can predict which of the two players engaging in snooker will win the number of frames that a required to win the match. On the other hand, some bettors focus on snooker each way bet. This kind of bet comprises more than one bet, including the place and the win bet. The odds that come with this option are mostly presented in fractions. It is possible to make significant profits from snooker each way bet.

Why bet on this tournament with Betrivers

Though many sportsbooks offer such betting opportunities, Betrivers can give you a good experience as you bet on the World Championship. This is because it is a well-regulated sportsbook that offers competitive odds for this snooker tournament. Betting with Betrivers can also help you enjoy attractive bonuses and friendly customer representatives.

The tips you should use while betting on snooker World Championship

Though snooker World Championship is quite exciting, making consistent profits from it is not that straightforward. Before you decide who to bet in snooker, it is important to do thorough research on the players. Find out the current form of players before backing any of them. Since snooker is an individual game, a poor mental form can affect the performance of a player.

You should therefore follow up on sports news and look for interviews covering snooker players. Using social networks and following blogs of such gamers can help you decide who to bet in snooker. Watching snooker games is also crucial before betting since this can help you learn the characters of individual players. Do not back a player lacking in form or has recently suffered an injury since the chances of them winning are low.

Also, pay attention to the snooker odds that Betrivers offers. Using high odds can help you enjoy significant returns. Sometimes, snooker players that have an outstanding record may be overrated. There is no guarantee that a particular well-known player can win snooker World Championship. Sometimes supporting less fashionable players can help you make profits from this form of sports betting. If you want to win while betting on this tournament, you need to trust your judgment and exercise patience.


Snooker is one of the popular games that is played all year round. One of the major tournaments that you can bet on is the snooker World Championship. Betrivers covers this tournament closely and presents odds that you can use to make bets on it. As you bet on snooker World Championship, you have to make some smart moves. Choose the right market, use high odds and implement some of the tips we have discussed to succeed in it.