basketball betting

Each sports bet has its own rules and strategies: betting on basketball and the NBA requires knowing the inner workings of this sport, as well as the different types of stakes offered by operators.

So if you plan to bet on the NBA, for example, you will have to follow the news regularly. Meetings are disputed, each team will meet 4 times in all during the season. In total there is a total of 82 games in the regular season, not counting the play-off games (final phase).

If you are looking forwards to bet on Basketball in 2021, the best choice would be to bet through an online sportsbook. BetRivers is the best choice if you are betting from Illinois.

In basketball, you will also have the opportunity to bet on the various championships. There are also European competitions between clubs (Euroleague) on which it will be interesting for you to bet. The NBA and the Euroleague are the 2 competitions to be favored by bettors. It is on the matches of these competitions that you will be able to earn money.

If you like basketball and want to start betting on this sport, don’t hesitate to follow our basketball betting tips that will help you win your basketball bets.

NBA: which bet to choose?

The NBA bet most frequently adopted by big players is the basketball spread betting: it consists of applying a handicap for the favorite team, to rebalance the basketball odds.

Let’s take an example: if the Miami Heat team faces the Charlotte Bobcats, they risk taking a lot of money. The odds in favor of a Miami victory will therefore be very low. To keep betting on the NBA interesting, sportsbook operators apply a handicap to the favorite, which is proportional to the presumed imbalance. The headings will therefore look like this: “Miami victory by 15 points or more” VS “Miami victory by 14 points maximum or victory of Charlotte”. The odds offered for this kind of bet are always between 1.60 and 1.90: thus, you can make a substantial profit in case of victory.

It is also possible to bet on the total number of points of the match: this type of bet, simply called Total, requires to know perfectly the style of the competing teams (Denver – Golden State may be more fruitful in terms of points than Memphis – Indiana, for example).

Basketball Point Spread Betting

In the NBA, gaps of more than 20 points in a game are relatively rare. Take advantage of this statistic by attempting a bet of this type on a match where both teams are of equal level. There is a good chance you will win it.

For beginner bettors or those who bet for the first time in the NBA, the “Money Line” bet is the single bet offered by sports betting sites. It is a question of betting on the outcome of a single match.

There are other variants, more or less fanciful: the most random is to bet on an even or odd number of points at the end of the match. This type of bet is reminiscent of roulette in the casino: however, it seems difficult to achieve a martingale on sports betting, because the sportsbook operator takes a commission on each bet.

Sports betting basketball: the formulas not to be missed

Sports betting sites offer certain options that allow you to improve your winning rate or reduce your risk-taking when betting on basketball.

Live Stream: Many sportsbooks broadcast NBA and Pro A via their Live TV. Feel free to watch the matches and bet live. Reversals are very common in basketball. With a little experience, you can easily take advantage of most odds.

Cash Out:  allows you to withdraw your bet or winnings prematurely before the end of the game. It is a solution of choice to avoid losing everything because of a basket cashed at the last minute.

Coach’s Game: If you love stats and you know player performance like the back of your hand, try out a Game (it can be found under the name Fantasy League or House of Coach depending on the site). Create a team with the imposed budget and score points based on the performance of the players you choose.

Loyalty program: many sportsbooks have VIP programs. The more you bet, the more points you earn. These can then be redeemed at the shop for tip bonuses or cash. With the sequence of games (especially in the NBA), this kind of option can be interesting.

Promotional offers accessible for basketball betting predictions

The NBA is a very popular competition among bettors. Sportsbook operators have understood this well and offer a lot of challenges and promotions throughout the season.

Here are some examples:

Cashback Basket: 10% of all your basketball bets refunded up to $ 20.

Nightboost: 10% of your losing live bets refunded up to $ 200 per week.

Supreme Dunker: jackpot to be shared according to the number of dunks made by a team during a match.

Do not forget the special promotions for the playoffs, the resumption of the championships, or the important matches.

This list is far from complete. Bookmakers offer new challenges all year round for players who like to bet on basketball and the NBA. Do not hesitate to come back to our site regularly to be kept informed.

Betting on European basketball vs. American: what are the differences?

There are some differences to be taken into account Between the NBA and European basketball:

  • Calendar: in NBA, teams play roughly every 3 days, which is not the case in European championships. Consequences: in the NBA, there are more injuries, but the franchises have a deeper workforce than in Europe. Before you bet on a US game, take a look at who’s on the flank. Losing a player can be a game-changer.
  • The number of championships: on the US side, you can bet on the NBA, NCAA (college championship), or WNBA (women’s basketball). In Europe, you have access to all the national championships as well as the various continental cups (Champions League, Eurocup, Euroleague). Paradoxically, on the continent, there are more competitions open to betting, but less accessible information. Unless you’re a Pro A fanatic, it’s best to avoid betting on the European Championships and fall back in the NBA.
  • Score: in the NBA, games with more than 200 points are very common. This is not the case in Europe. Therefore, if you bet on the number of points scored during a match, take this into account.

Our advice for betting on American basketball

Here are some interesting betting strategies that will allow you to maximize your winnings on US basketball:

Bet on the teams playing at home: during the 2018-2019 season, almost all the teams qualified for the playoffs scored more than 50% victory in their hall. The title-winning Raptors went 32-9 at home to just 26-15 away. So avoid as much as possible the predictions on teams evolving outside their bases.

Do not hesitate to bet on the winner of a meeting: in general, NBA bets are offered to you taking into account a possible extension. You are therefore betting on the winner of the match and not on the result at the end of regulation time. The odds will be slightly lower than in a classic 1N2, but your chances of winning will also be higher.

Bet as late as possible in the regular season: In the NBA, all teams that qualify for the playoffs win between 50% and 75% of their games. Suffice to say that, the more we advance in the season, the easier it will be to see who will qualify and who will stay on the dock. Take advantage of the settling of the classification to place your bets.

Try an Over / Under: Last year, all of the franchises finished the regular season at over 103 points scored per game. The record is held by the Bucks (118.1 points). Either way, you’re sure there will be between 200 and 220 points per encounter. Refine your analysis with the individual statistics of each player and you will be able to determine an order of magnitude of the score. Under these conditions, Over / Under bets will be advantageous, especially since they offer fairly high odds.

Some additional remarks

Before you gamble your money on a franchise, take the time to watch the games on Live TV and familiarize yourself with the team’s playstyle. You will be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the five major beyond statistics and figures.