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Do you follow up on sports and are wondering if you can bet on different games legally? This depends on your current location. If you are in America, you can bet on sports from a site that offers an app for mobile users. The legality of sports betting apps is complicated since each country has its own rules regarding sports betting.

Before you think of placing sports bets Indiana, you must understand the state laws. Thankfully, we will discuss everything you should know regarding betting apps and share insights regarding what the law states regarding gambling. Read on!

Introduction to sports betting laws in America

If you are eyeing the best sports betting apps in the US, you can easily find them from different states. Though people nowadays bet on sports through apps legally, this was not the case a few years back. Before engaging in Indiana sports betting, you should understand the two laws that the US had set for this form of betting. These include the following.

Interstate Wire Act

The Interstate Wire Act was set in 1961, and it made it illegal to receive or place any wagers on different sports using wire communication. This means that people were not allowed to engage in the betting business in the US during that time. The interstate wire act targeted organizations and not individuals who wanted to bet on sports during their free time. It means that Indiana sports betting apps were not legal during this period.


In 1992, another act known as PASPA was passed to protect sports betting fans from the effects of gambling. It made sports betting illegal across the US. During this period, there were no betting apps that operated legally in most states in America.

Just like the previous act, PASPA did not target individuals who enjoyed sports betting but instead prohibited bookmakers from providing any apps for this form of betting. The PASPA act did not apply to a few states such as Delaware, Nevada, and Montana. These were the first states to introduce betting apps where people could bet on sports from mobile devices. Those who preferred betting on sports from brick and mortar sites could still do so legally in these states.

The current state of sports gambling in America

Over the years, the laws against sports betting have changed since more states are now embracing sports betting. This changed since the US legalized online sports betting in 2018. Some few people in New Jersey were brave enough to challenge the PASPA act, and the Supreme Court made sports betting legal.

Since 2018, Indiana sports betting is now considered legal. Many states have changed their attitude toward this activity and even introduced betting apps to help game fans engage in this gambling activity. According to reports, we now have more than 20 states in the US that offer legal sports betting opportunities.

Check out the best sports betting apps in the US

Since sports betting was made legal in the US, bookmakers in different states have been introducing betting apps to encourage sports fans on the go to engage. We will highlight some of the betting apps that you can access from different states in the US.

  • New Jersey

Since the Governor of this state signed the proposed bill into law, sportsbooks such as Fanduel and Borgata started accepting sports fans’ wagers. The state now has more than ten sportsbooks that operate legally. Most of these sportsbooks offer some of the best sports betting apps designed for mobile players.

The state sets some individual regulations that every player must follow. For instance, you have to be above 21 years and within New Jersey to engage from different apps. Even if you download an app, you will not be allowed to play games from it if you leave the state.

  • Indiana

Land-based sports wagering was introduced in Indiana in 2019. The popularity of this form of betting in the state led to the introduction of online sports betting. It did not take long for the first Indiana sports betting app to be introduced.

You can access these apps from devices based on different operating systems, including iPads and iPhones. Like New Jersey laws, you have to be within Indiana to bet on sports through any of the betting apps available. Sportsbooks in the state use geo-location software to check where you are accessing the app from before allowing you to place sports bets. As you use any Indiana sports betting app, you should also beware of offshore sites that operate according to the state laws.

  • Pennsylvania

If you are in this state, you can legally engage in sports betting through different apps. Pennsylvania is also one of the popular states that have embraced sports betting and encourages people to participate in this recreational activity. You cannot be prosecuted for betting on sports through the legally operating apps in this state.

Some of the first brick and mortar sportsbooks to be launched in this state include Sugarhouse and Rivers. Online sports betting was established, and a year later, sites such as Betrivers and Sugarhouse started offering apps for sports bettors.


From the above, it is clear that sports betting in the US have come a long way. Though there were no sports betting apps that operated legally a few years back, this has changed since the Supreme Court legalized sports betting in the US. Since 2018, states have been making their own rules regarding how people can bet on sports. If you are in one of the states that we have highlighted, you can access a betting app and place bets on sports without breaking any laws.