2020 NBA Draft Odds

The 2020 NBA Draft will take place on Wednesday night, and as always, it will be one of the most entertaining days of the year, which makes the 2020 NBA Draft odds all the more interesting.

From Woj trying to convince his bosses that he isn’t the one that is scooping the picks before they’re broadcast to try and beat Shams, to the ridiculousness of the suits that these guys are wearing, to the sheer joy of watching players that I’ve covered for years live out their dreams. 

It’s awesome.

Which means that we should bet on it. BetRivers is a trustworthy online Sportsbook where you can place your NBA bets safely. 

BetRivers.com has a wide variety of 2020 NBA Draft odds and props to bet on, and while the NBA Draft will look and feel a lot different this year, the excitement and draft night chaos is going to be just as crazy as ever.

Here are the props that I think have some value heading into draft night. I also broke down a few props I love later in the draft. You can read all about that right here.

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NOTE: Due to state-by-state regulations, we are only able to offer 2020 NBA Draft odds in the following states: Colorado, Illinois, and Indiana.


ANTHONY EDWARDS 1ST OVERALL (+110): Assuming that the Timberwolves keep the No. 1 pick, I think that Antman is the guy that they will be going with. The scuttle I’ve heard is that they recently settled on Edwards as the player they would target largely due to the fact that LaMelo Ball and James Wiseman play the same positions as D’angelo Russell and Karl-Anthony Towns.

But the catch here is that you’re essentially betting on the Timberwolves keeping the pick, because if they trade the pick then all hell breaks loose. 

And that where JAMES WISEMAN 1ST OVERALL (+900) comes into play. 

If you believe that the Wolves will be moving the pick — or if we get some reporting that says as much prior to the start of the draft — than this number has tremendous value. Minnesota is not taking Wiseman No. 1. No one worth paying attention to has him No. 1 in their mocks, and Wiseman himself has said that he has not spoken to Minnesota. 

But if you believe the scuttle that the Warriors are going to be taking Wiseman with the No. 2 pick, than trading up to No. 1 makes a ton of sense if your organization believes the 7-foot-1 Nashville native is the second coming of Deandre Ayton. 

I would not touch the line for LaMelo Ball going No. 1 at (-180). There are just too many question marks given the price right now. 

Along those same lines, JAMES WISEMAN UNDER 2.5 (+110) is another interesting prop that Rivers is offering. If we’re concerned about Anthony Edwards going No. 1 because a team might trade up to beat the Warriors to Wiseman at No. 2, then shouldn’t it make sense that there is value on Wiseman at plus-money to go in the top two picks?

Beyond that, LAMELO BALL OVER 2.5 (+245) then becomes really interesting. There’s a very real world where the order at the top of this draft is Anthony Edwards, James Wiseman and then LaMelo Ball, and I think that I’d argue that it is the most likely outcome assuming that there are no trades in the top two picks. 

The problem with that logic?

There is a good chance that either the Timberwolves or the Warriors will move their pick. It’s why the odds are what they are right now. So keep that in mind.

The 2020 NBA Draft takes place at 7 p.m. ET on Wednesday, November 18. The 2020 NBA Draft will be broadcast on ESPN and streaming on the ESPN App.

2020 NBA Draft Order:

1. Minnesota Timberwolves
2. Golden State Warriors
3. Charlotte Hornets
4. Chicago Bulls
5. Cleveland Cavaliers
6. Atlanta Hawks
7. Detroit Pistons
8. New York Knicks
9. Washington Wizards
10. Phoenix Suns
11. San Antonio Spurs
12. Sacramento Kings
13. New Orleans Pelicans
14. Boston Celtics (Via Grizzlies)
15. Orlando Magic
16. Portland Trail Blazers
17. Minnesota Timberwolves (via Nets)
18. Dallas Mavericks
19. Brooklyn Nets (via 76ers)
20. Miami Heat
21. Philadelphia 76ers (via Thunder)
22. Denver Nuggets (via Rockets)
23. Utah Jazz
24. Milwaukee Bucks (via Pacers)
25. Oklahoma City Thunder (via Rockets)
26. Boston Celtics
27. New York Knicks (via Clippers)
28. Oklahoma City Thunder (via Lakers)
29. Toronto Raptors
30. Boston Celtics (via Bucks)